The treason of the Coalition of Losers

Hop into my metaphorical Time machine…

Please hop in my metaphorical ?time machine? and travel with me back to August 2002, when Winston Peters unleashed a fresh and frenzied attack on the government’s immigration policy, which he termed “treason”! quote.

The New Zealand First leader attacked the Government for allowing 10 more refugees from the Tampa into New Zealand this week.

He stated “Ain’t it lovely, ain’t it beautiful. I’ve got people in Tauranga who can’t get eye operations, who have waited three years for serious operations,” he said. Half of refugees had HIV/Aids and many would not work, he said.

“In other countries they call it treason.”

“Who the hell gave you the right to do that to our country?” Mr Peters asked Labour MPs. “Bring in half the refugees who are carrying HIV and all sorts of Third World diseases. “Every New Zealand taxpayer will pay for the rest of their lives.”

Maori in the north were living on dirt floors and had no running water or power. “They [Labour] can’t help them … but they rush to take in 53,000 people a year.” Mr Peters said the Government was engaged in “political engineering of the worst sort”. end quote.

A Newspaper

Winston at the time wanted us to think that sovereignty along with the protection of our citizen?s rights were important to him.

Now let us travel forward in time to 2016 and review an RNZ interview with Winston Peters where he says that our immigration department is one of the most corrupt because it allowed illegal immigrants into the country who posed as chefs. He tells us that they were brought in as cheap labour or as a scam to gain New Zealand residency.

Peters intimated in the interview that the immigration department does not bother to check references or credentials for immigrants who don?t speak English and that tens of thousands of dollars change hands here. He stated that it has been happening for years and that thousands of illegal immigrants have arrived and that what is happening to his country is wrong.

The clear message from the interview is that terrible, corrupt immigration officials are allowing illegal immigrants into our country under false pretences, and that money is changing hands to facilitate this treasonous activity. Where oh where is the vetting we so seriously need?

 What happens when the UN takes control?

Just last December Todd McClay wrote that for the second day the Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters had defended the United Nations Compact for Migration that would give the United Nations a say on New Zealand?s immigration policy. He wrote that Peters was refusing to tell the public the government?s position. McClay stated that it was an appalling breach of public trust that the government was continuing to keep Kiwis in the dark over their plans, especially because there were just four days before the United Nations agreement to be signed in Morocco. McClay said that he called on the minister to release all government advice on the Compact and to put the issue to parliament for a vote before committing New Zealand as a signatory, but that the minister had refused to do so.

 Winston defended the signing of the Compact after taking legal advice that he said states:

The compact is non-legally binding and does not create legal obligations.

It does not establish customary international law.

The compact should not be taken to give the legal instruments referred to in the text as having any binding effect that those instruments do not already have in international law.

It reaffirms the sovereign right of States to determine national immigration policy and laws and that States have the sole authority to distinguish between regular and irregular migratory status.

The compact does not establish any new human rights law, nor create any new categories of migrants, nor establish a right to migrate.

The compact in no way restricts or curtails established human rights, including the right to freedom of expression.


However, the first statement has been contradicted by Angela Merkel, who stated that the initial compact is not binding, but second in the process is that all signatory states will agree to make the compact binding, thus putting the UN in charge.

Angela Merkel makes no pretence over her intentions for a globalist agenda without borders, with wealth redistribution as a catalyst.

If there is nothing to hide, the Coalition of Losers should have put the UN Compact to a Parliamentary vote.

For me, February 2nd is the day for New Zealand to stand up and insist that the Coalition of Losers revoke this treasonous and corrupt UN compact.

Going on his track record I am sure Winston will agree.