The Trojan Panda threatens New Zealand’s security

It?s no secret that China is mounting a gargantuan cyber-warfare assault on the West. So much so that nations like the US, Australia and Canada have banned quasi-state-owned telecommunications company Huawei from participating in key technologies like the rollout of the 5G network.

But the tough stance of national security agencies is being white-anted by academics entangled in the Communist state?s tentacles of soft power. As the Chinese Communist Party infiltrates overwhelmingly leftist universities by splashing millions of dollars of funding via its ?Confucius Centres?, the useful idiots of academia are clamouring to join the fifth column. As reported on Whaleoil, Massey University is defying warnings from intelligence analysts and throwing open its IT infrastructure to the Chinese.

The threat to New Zealand?s security is multifaceted, as the Communists refuse to give up probing New Zealand?s defences. Quote:

Chinese communication company Huawei is offering a deal-sweetener, hoping our security agencies will allow them to build a new 5G mobile network here.

The company has offered millions to set up a “cybersecurity evaluation centre”, which would be controlled by the Government Communications Security Bureau.

But Jason Young from Victoria University’s Contemporary China Research Centre told Mike Yardley the GCSB hasn’t taken the bait, and still won’t say why.

“There’s a wide range of countries that have also blocked Huawei technology in the 5G network also on the grounds of significant national security concerns.

“So we can read into that there that there is something the Government is worried about.”

Young says that we know little about the concerns that the GCSB has. End of quote.


Hmm. I wonder. Quote:

Despite a formal pledge made by Chinese leader Xi Jinping in September, “cyber operations from China are still targeting and exploiting U.S. government, defense industry, academic, and private computer networks,” Adm. Mike Rogers, the Cybercom chief, said in prepared testimony to a House Armed Services subcommittee on Wednesday. End of quote.


Then there?s this: Quote:

According to the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property, America?s largest trading partner ? China ? accounts for as much as 70% of the losses the United States incurs.

What American citizens should find most disturbing about China?s role in what amounts to a global IP theft ring is the outsized role its government plays. End of quote.

Communist China and the foot soldiers of its corporate wing such as Huawei simply cannot be trusted with access to New Zealand?s IT infrastructure. Besides the threat of hacking, spying and IP theft, there?s another, more immediate threat to New Zealand?s security.

New Zealand is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance. Three of the five members are actively blocking Huawei from critical IT infrastructure. As the cyber-Cold War with the Communists ramps up, those three may well be forced to re-evaluate their relationship with nations who aren?t. Britain has already fallen for Huawei?s overtures, causing tensions within the alliance. If New Zealand does the same, our alliance partners will surely reconsider their relationship with us.