Three billboards outside Ashburton

Has the National Party been watching the film?Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri?
The party?has placed three billboards outside Ashburton, Canterbury taking aim at Labour for scrapping National’s idea?to four-lane that section of State Highway 1.?
It is?part of a billboard campaign across the country, capitalising on busy roads over the holiday period to highlight what National?says are cuts to critical roading upgrades. Labour?called it “cynical politics”, citing its plan to spend?$1.4 billion on road improvements.??
Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon said when National was in power, it?was committed to making the entire stretch of State Highway 1 between Ashburton and Christchurch four lanes, but changes made by the Government to the NZ Transport Agency’s (NZTA) state highway budget diverted more than $5 billion towards Auckland rail and cycleway projects.? end quote.

National have embarked on a campaign to draw attention to the cancellation of several of their roading projects that were designed either to reduce congestion or to significantly improve road safety. quote.

Falloon said the Government knew about?the highway’s record of deaths and serious injuries.?
Stage two of the Christchurch Southern Motorway will create four lanes of highway between Christchurch and Rolleston, but the current two lanes will remain for the following 63km to Ashburton. The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA)?is considering safety improvements including?safety barriers down the middle of the road, rumble strips and intersection improvements. end quote.


It isn’t just Canterbury where they are doing this.

I’ve driven on both the Waikato Expressway and the Kapiti Expressway, and they are amazing roads. They add both speed and considerable safety to the driving experience. The Kapiti Expressway extension is now going to be only two lanes, which makes the project much less effective, seeing that it is at Otaki where a lot of the congestion starts.

Then there is the Tauranga Northern Link project.

I guess paying for all those middle-class students to have a year’s fee-free education comes at a cost, but when it is a matter of road safety, then there should be no question. The projects were funded and in some cases already in progress. This is what you get from a government that wants us all on bikes. They build bike lanes that no one uses, and cancel roads that are desperately needed.

Hint to Julie-Ann Genter: build the roads. Otherwise, you do not have a hope in hell of getting the road toll down. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is madness, and it is all that this government is doing when it comes to road deaths. Better infrastructure will save lives.

Good campaign, National. Love it.