Time to bring back the Biff!

I refrained from naming and shaming the journalist who hounded Cameron as he lay in his hospital bed.

I refrained from naming him after his attempt to publish Cam’s private medical records sent Cam back to the hospital in an ambulance only a day after he was released.

He is the same journalist who received Media awards for articles written using information and leads supplied to him directly by Cameron.

He is the same journalist who was Kim Dotcom’s hagiographer while at the same time writing positive news stories about him for his employer, the NZ Herald.

He is the same journalist who turned on Kim Dotcom once he had outlasted his usefulness as a source of both information and money.

He is the same journalist who threw Cameron under the bus to save his own skin after Hager’s witch hunt. The same Nicky Hager he now shares a position with in the government-appointed SIS/GCSB oversight committee.

He is the same journalist who derided his fellow journalists for being ‘fed’ stories by Cameron Slater.

He is the same journalist who loudly booed Cameron when he won his Canon Media award for best blog (along with his editor Shayne Currie) at the NZ Herald media table. It was so bad that the editor of the NZ Herald, Tim Murphy, came over to Cameron to apologise.

He is the same journalist whom Hager protected by not publishing his name in his book.

He is the same journalist that sent the below text to me in a futile attempt to get the confirmation he needed to break the story of Cameron’s stroke.

So why am I naming him now you might ask? Why are you bringing back the biff? It is because of the article he published yesterday in A Newspaper. To start with, his headline is “the greatest work of fiction since vows of fidelity were included in the French marriage service.” quote.

David Fisher: Cameron Slater attacked me but I wish him well with his recovery end quote.

When Cameron ‘attacked’ David Fisher, it was in response to the journalistic hit jobs he was running on Cam during the Dirty Politics saga and while he was harassing Cam with phone calls and texts attempting to get him to make a comment.

Later in the article, Fisher tells the porky that Cameron accused him of being a sexual deviant. Last time I checked telling someone to GFY as a response to a call for comment is not an aspersion on a person’s sex life. quote.

I’ve no cause to love Slater. He wrote around 200 blog posts attacking me. Mainly, he objected to my reporting of the Kim Dotcom business. Broadly he attacked almost anything I wrote or did. end quote.

“200 posts” is gross hyperbole. For context here, Fisher went from a friendly journalist who happily communicated with Cameron on a regular basis for stories and information (a reciprocal arrangement I might add) to a man on a mission; throwing Cam under the bus to save his own skin while writing up a storm in order to try to damage Cam and Whaleoil’s reputation.

In Fisher’s scurlillous article he uses the term mental illness to describe Cam’s past depression because that is how he wants to frame the editor of New Zealand’s most popular and influential blog. He pushes the popular myth that after Dirty Politics the number of people reading Whaleoil fell dramatically.

The reality is that the Dirty Politics hit on Whaleoil artificially inflated our viewing numbers for more than 6 weeks as the media’s hits just kept on coming, week after week after week in an attempt to shut us down. As a result of Dirty Politics, we gained many new readers who were funnelled to our site by MSM coverage on TV, radio, online and in the dead tree media.

The following line from Fisher’s article is unbelievable, as he knows that he was the journalist who Whaleoil Staff had alluded to in the article. He can’t even get his facts straight, calling Cam’s second medical event a stroke when it wasn’t. Cam had only one stroke.quote.

The request for money was back again this week, with news of Slater’s strokes and claims he had been driven to one stroke by the supposed antics of the media.

David Fisher end quote.

Then there is this HUGE porky. He claims that Cameron’s stroke wasn’t news, yet he was the one hounding Cam the first day he arrived in hospital, texting me and trying to access his private medical records through the courts with urgent applications.quote.

I learned of the strokes in November. It didn’t seem news to me – he is far less a public figure than he once was and clearly wanted privacy as he was staying at North Shore Hospital under a false name.

end quote
This is how many calls David Fisher makes when something is NOT news.

Fisher is clearly furious that Whaleoil staff broke the story of Cam’s stroke which was a scoop that he badly wanted for himself. After a few crocodile tears about how he doesn’t wish Cam ill, he finishes his article with a line that to a man who has lost the use of the fingers on his right hand can only be designed to stab deep.quote.

Like many others, I suspect, I also hope you don’t find your keyboard again.

David Fisher

The icing on the cake, however, is how Fisher ends his article. He ends it with information about a suicide hotline! His article’s messages to Cam couldn’t be clearer

  • Your career is over
  • You no longer have any influence
  • Your website is no longer popular
  • You failed at creating a livlihood for yourself and your family.
  • You are a has-been, a shooting star
  • You brought your stroke upon yourself.
  • There is no coming back from this
  • You have been robbed of “dignity, freedom, mobility.”
  • You might as well kill yourself