TOP & the Maori party: Deja Vu

Is this the Maori party & TOP’s political future?

It is d?j? vu all over again as TOP and the M?ori?Party discuss becoming allies in the next election. They seem to have completely forgotten what happened last time a Maori party worked hand in glove with a party created and funded by a very wealthy white man. I am referring of course to the Mana party’s doomed association with Kim Dotcom’s ego project, the Internet party. Remember them?

[…] M?ori Party president Che Wilson told Ratana church leaders there was an aim to collaborate with TOP.

[…] Geoff Simmons, leader of TOP, told TVNZ1?s Te Karere it could be an opportunity for both parties […]

“We both have a big focus on kaitiaki [guardianship], that’s a lot more practical, environmental stance than we see from the likes of the Green Party. We?re both taking a long term view on the important issues, things like housing and inequality.”


Time will tell whether the two parties have enough in common to make it work, but I predict that it is yet another doomed association. This time around there won’t be any money to sweeten the deal. Last time it was rumoured that two hundred grand was the lure that Kim Dotcom used to tempt Hone Harawira into joining his vehicle of political utu.

Photoshopped image credit: porcupinefarm.blogspot