Toxic femininity in action

Caption: Lady Macbeth claims she was sexually harassed by King Duncan.

According to the feminist crusaders of the ?#MeToo? movement, we have to believe women, no matter what. Not only does this violate the most fundamental precept of our legal system, the presumption of innocence, and the burden of proof ? it also strains our credulity by asking us to believe that women never lie, ever.

Women don?t have the market in virtue cornered. Men lie, and so do women. Quote:

The plan was to say that he had raped her. But Canberra prosecutors told a court on Thursday that the 28-year-old woman had begun spinning the stories she would later tell to police a month earlier??How it can be manipulated so easily is astonishing,? the victim said at a sentence hearing on Thursday, of a justice system that failed to detect the woman’s lies. End of quote.

The lengths to which this vicious harpy went to destroy her ex are astonishing. Quote:

One day in March 2014, the woman sent a blank text message – an agreed distress signal – to her new partner, a NSW police constable. She also called triple 0 but did not speak when the call was answered. She sent another blank message to her partner, and ignored the call he made to her phone. At some stage she had turned her mind to the scene of the crime she would allege happened. She knocked over a peg basket, ripped a condom packet, unbuttoned her jeans and bumped her own head. She lay on the tiled floor and waited.

When police arrived they heard a woman groan. The woman, who was a NSW police administrative worker, told the officer her ex had come to the house, made her kneel on the ground outside and hit her head on a retaining wall. She claimed not to remember how she got inside, but as prosecutors would later argue she was planting the seeds that would eventually lead to her alleging her ex had raped her. Because her jeans were undone police sent her to hospital for assessment for a sexual assault. Later that night when police returned to the house, she drip fed officers more of the story. He had actually hit her head twice on the retaining wall. He had come in and grabbed her and yelled how he was not “f–king going to jail” because of her. She had blacked out and then crawled inside.

The victim, who had that morning been sleeping in the granny flat at his parent’s house, was arrested again in front of his family and charged with assaulting the woman. This time he was refused bail, and because of his job was sent to Goulburn SuperMax prison where he was confined to a cell 23 hours a day on charges he did not commit and in constant fear the other inmates would discover who he was [a Corrections officer] and kill him. End of quote.

Her lies got more wide-ranging and crazy ? which eventually brought her down. But not before she had ruined the lives of many people. How did her vicious campaign get so far? Quote:

The fake allegations left a family broken and their trust in police, prosecutors and the court shattered?They blamed the woman – who avoided their glares from the witness box – but they were also brutal in their assessment of NSW and ACT police, lawyers and the judiciary and the justice system. Their son was not afforded the presumption of innocence, they accused. End of quote.

The scale of false accusations is difficult to assess. Studies suggest it’s anywhere between five and 25 percent of all complaints. Quote:

False allegations, particularly of rape, are easy to make and difficult to prosecute, prosecutor Trent Hickey told the packed ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday. This was a crime committed not just against one family. It was committed against the community and against real victims of assault and domestic violence. Fake allegations are a waste of valuable police time and resources, in this case the price was some 900 man hours and $43,000. Such prosecutions are so rare that before now there is not one example of a person in Canberra being sentenced for the crime.

Forensic psychiatrists diagnosed no mental illness in the woman, leaving Mr Hickey to conclude that she was motivated by greed and “plain old maliciousness”. End of quote.

Canberra Times

Maybe Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but that doesn?t excuse the gullibility of authorities, nor the misandrist viragos who embolden liars with witch hunts. Despite the article headline, ?toxic feminity? is no more real than ?toxic masculinity?. Neither sex is ?toxic?: only some people are. No accuser should be believed simply by virtue of their gender.