Toxic femininity?

Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

How long will the word ‘feminine’ and its traditional definition “pertaining to a woman or girl; having qualities traditionally ascribed to women, as sensitivity or gentleness” be allowed to exist? Perhaps amongst the ‘woke’ it is already on the banned list?

Whilst the concept of equality of opportunity for all is to be applauded, does it necessarily have to extend to women having equality in the ability to “swear like a sailor”. (Yes, I know the Navy has women in their ranks now.)

The “swear like a sailor” saying arose way back when it was a male domain and, not having to spend time around women, the men weren?t required to hold a civil tongue and used to swear at will. Hence sailors came to be known for their liberal and creative use of the language.

The emerging trend of foul-mouthed female politicians is interesting. Is it intentionally done for shock-and-awe effect? Or is it just the way they normally speak and so came out in an unguarded moment?

Here in New Zealand we have had Marama Davidson. Her entire speech was based around a word that is still ranked as the most offensive word in broadcasting and it was certainly not in the ‘oops that slipped out’ category. The next day she was on a mission to ‘reclaim’ the word. I don’t recall it ever being lost or stolen and in need of reclamation.

Then two months later Eugenie Sage, dropped a variation of Marama’s word when referring to hunters during a live morning TV interview. Again,
from the way that Sage emphasised the word, it was no accident, .

Now, in the USA, Michigan’s Muslim Democrat representative Rashida Tlaib has used equally offensive language, again quite deliberately.

Apparently, however, it is okay when the Left does it because it is all Trump’s fault anyway. The Washington Post published this: quote.

[…] ?Motherf—er? is filler; it means little more than ?someone more unpleasant than ?unpleasant? can convey.? Saying you grab women ?by the p—y,? on the other hand, is truly damaging: It turns members of that gender into something to be played with. Calling immigrants an infestation dehumanizes them.

?Motherf—er,? in short, is about civility. ?Shithole countries? is about character. Democrats who conflate the two weaken themselves. They minimize the abuses of the Trump administration, and they invite the president to go on committing them without expecting anything more than an anemic reprimand. Democrats, he understands, won?t ever really fight back.

Then there?s the charge that embracing crude rhetoric is a gift to the president and his supporters. It alienates those wishy-washy suburbanites whom Trump regularly scandalizes, the thinking goes, and it energizes his most fervent fanatics.

But Trump?s most fervent fanatics are already just that: fervent and fanatical. They don?t need nasty language from Democrats to get them chanting MAGA. As for those suburbanites, it?s insulting ? and even dangerous ? to suggest that voters will base their behavior on whether a freshman congresswoman said a bad word rather than on whether the president tears parents from their children or tells his defense secretary to assassinate Syria?s Bashar al-Assad.

Yes, let’s not talk about common decency, about ‘not in front of the children’ or anything like that. Let’s just blame Trump.