UN condones rape of children within its ranks

What do you think about this, Winston? Jacinda? Helen? Your beloved UN, that you have signed NZ sovereignty over to, has a record of condoning the rape of children amongst its peacekeeping forces. What is more, this behaviour is, of course, being funded by member states.

It really is time we said goodbye to such a corrupt and despotic organisation. It is no longer needed (by civilised countries anyway). quote.

Earlier this month, UN Secretary General ?Ant?nio Guterres in releasing the 2016 UN annual review said that there were 145 cases of sexual exploitation and abuse involving troops and civilians across all UN peace missions in 2016 alone. The United Nations Secretary General is talking about his own organisation.

These 145 cases involved 311 victims and even the UN recognises that this is the tip of the iceberg. Many of the victims, by the UN?s own admission, are children.

UN Peacekeepers and staff raping children is not a right-wing conspiracy or fake news, it is admitted by the UN itself. But is the UN repeating the mistakes of the Catholic Church by obfuscation and minimisation of the problem, not talking it head on and stamping it out? end quote.

I will not condone the behaviour of the Catholic Church. Both situations arise where people in a position of trust use that trust to abuse vulnerable people. If a child is to complain against a priest or a peacekeeper, they may very well not be believed, such is the veil of sanctimony that covers these people… and the UN peacekeepers are well and truly aware of it. quote.

The UN?s language is interesting here. It is wishy-washy as if child rape were a problem that needed to be minimised, not wiped out.

?I fully recognise that no magic wand exists to end the problem of sexual exploitation and abuse,? Guterres said. ?Nevertheless, I believe that we can dramatically improve how the United Nations addresses this scourge.? end quote.

A society or organisation that condones the abuse of children is broken. Their stated intention to only ‘dramatically improve’ the situation instead of actively wiping it out tells you all you need to know. The UN is a corrupt, broken organisation that wants to tell civilised countries, which do not condone this kind of behaviour, how they should live. quote.

Have you ever wondered why countries like Democratic Republic of Congo and Pakistan send so many peacekeeping soldiers? It is because the UN pays for these countries to send soldiers. It is a huge export earner for their militaries and it is paid for by the net contributing countries like the UK, the US and Australia.

And this is not a surprise or unknown. Google ?food for sex? and ?UN sexual abuse? and see just how much comes up and for how long it comes up. See for how long Kofi Anan, Ban Ki Moon and now Ant?nio Guterres have been saying ?something must be done?.

  Andrew McLeod end quote.

If it goes back as far as Kofi Anan, that is over 20 years. Plenty of time for the UN to put its house in order, and charge the pedophiles with child rape. Time also to charge those Secretaries-General who allowed it to go on under their watch. There is no excuse for this.

This is the organisation that we have signed up to, pay funds to and our way of life is likely to be changed forever by it. This isn’t just a few isolated cases. Why should a country like New Zealand be dictated to by an organisation so corrupt that it condones child rape and cannot, or will not, put its own house in order?

The United Nations condones child rape. What say you to that, Winston? Jacinda? Helen?