Victoria: The lights go out on truth

Caption: The sun has set on reliable, cheap energy, as governments indulge green delusions.

Theodore Dalrymple once observed that ?the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better?. Victoria?s socialist premier, Daniel Andrews, could give Pravda a few pointers in propaganda. Andrews? public pronouncements often bear little resemblance to reality, never less so than when it comes to ?renewable? energy.

Victoria has been steadily closing its reliable coal-fired generators. During a vicious heatwave this summer, Victoria?s electricity grid went into crisis. Rolling blackouts cut power to major cities for hours, even as they sweltered in temperatures over 45 degrees.

Great success! crows Comrade Andrews. Quote:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews talked up the ??reliability? of renewable energy in his first public comments since Friday?s meltdown, despite solar and wind power combined providing just 14.3 per cent of the state?s power at the height of the crisis.

[Energy Minister Angus] Taylor said a policy of investment in renewables without backup generation was ?always going to end badly ? (Mr ?Andrews) doesn?t understand that variable power is not necessarily there when the wind doesn?t blow and the sun doesn?t shine.

?We need enough baseload power, enough dispatchable 24/7 reliable power in the system, balancing the system, that ensures that the lights are on 24/7.? End of quote.

In 2016, the entire state of South Australia was blacked out when its renewables-heavy grid failed. Victorians narrowly avoided the same fate, on a day of extreme heat. Quote:

Extreme heat and the failure of three coal-fired power units with a combined 1800 megawatt cap?acity prompted the market operator to order load-shedding black?outs to prevent the grid from shutting down at 12pm on Friday, cutting power to more than 200,000 Victorian households and businesses in rolling outages.

An hour later, 1236MW, or 14.3 per cent of Victoria?s power, was coming from wind and solar generators, compared with 3105MW (36 per cent) from brown coal, 2129MW (24.7 per cent) from gas and 2151MW (25 per cent) from hydro, according to Australian Energy Market Operator figures analysed by NEMWatch for Renew Economy.

Meanwhile, in South Australia, 67.8 per cent of the state?s energy was being generated by gas, with a small amount (82MW) coming from back-up diesel generators. End of quote.

Years ago, Judith Curry?s blog published a series of posts by an energy planning engineer, which warned that ?wind and solar provide increased reliability risks? for power grids. If only green-besotted politicians had read them.

But, as socialist propagandists will, when confronted with the blatant failure of their latest Five Year Plan, the commissars insist that everything is going swimmingly. Any problems are entirely due to ?counter-revolutionary tendencies?. Quote:

Asked whether his government could guarantee there would not be a repeat of Friday?s load-shedding event ahead of hot weather later this week, Mr Andrews blamed ?old, privatised, coal-fired power stations? for Friday?s failure??While units were falling over in our coal-fired power stations, renewable energy was going strong last Friday.? End of quote.


Andrews? chutzpah is astonishing, but that?s the way these fellows work: tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, and maybe people will eventually come to believe it. Just to show that there?s no show without Punch, Greenpeace joined in the big lie, too. Quote:

Approx 100,000 Victorians are without power after coal-fired power generators failed. It’s time to replace coal with reliable #renewableenergy. End of quote.


The coal generators that failed did so because they were either, (incredibly given the weather forecasts), undergoing maintenance, or simply buckled under the stress of meeting the demand shortfall caused by renewables. As ?Planning Engineer? warned on Curry?s blog, when wind and solar aren?t up to the job (as they clearly weren?t, at just 14 percent of supply) ?the stress on remaining generation?will be increased further?.

Andrews and Greenpeace are acting out Eric Andre?s famous joke of shooting his guest, then asking in bewilderment, ?why would he do that??