Virtue signal of the day

Reusable nappies are NOT the environmentally friendly solution that virtue-signallers like Julie Anne Genter virtue signal them to be. They WILL save you money but they are not good for the planet or for the Mum who has to get up close and personal with the poop.

Disposable nappies go straight into the outside rubbish bin (hopefully into a banned single-use plastic bag which is tied tightly before being dropped into the bin). Re-usable nappies, on the other hand, mean that a bucket of poop-stained cloth nappies has to be kept inside and soaked after each nappy has been hand scraped (gag) into the toilet.

The poop bucket that all the poop stained nappies soak in.

Unlike the clean and convenient disposable nappy, cloth nappies will end up looking like this unless gallons of non environmentally friendly chemicals like Napisan are used.

They also fail to take moisture effectively away from the baby’s skin so cause far more nappy rashes and other skin issues on your baby’s tender bottom.

It always amazes me that women who would never dream of using cloth to deal with their period each month think that cloth nappies (old technology) are better than disposable nappies. No one cares about saving the planet when it comes to their period even though we have them for decades and a baby only needs a nappy for a few years at most.