West Coast Regional Council get it right

Buller Gorge. Photo: Christie

The West Coast Regional Council has rejected the government’s proposed Zero Carbon Bill, saying it needs more scientific evidence before it buys into the idea of man-made climate change. This is smart of the council. It covers a very large area, but much of it is sparsely populated and the cost of implementing these policies will be a large burden on ratepayers for no discernible benefit. quote.

The West Coast Regional Council wants more scientific evidence to prove human-driven climate change is happening before it will commit to reducing emissions.

The council does not support the government’s Zero Carbon Bill and is the only regional council in the country to reject it.

In its submission, the council said if West Coasters were to commit to emissions targets, “the evidence proving anthropogenic climate change must be presented and proven beyond reasonable doubt”. end quote.

Which will never happen… and even if it does, it is the large emitters that are mostly responsible. Unless China and India really do make serious reductions to their emissions, any sacrifices made by the West Coast Regional Council will be a waste of time and money. quote.

The council’s stance did not impress Hector local Penny Madden, who said in her 20 years in the region the sea changed dramatically.

“I mean it’s lapping right at my sea wall at high tide now and that’s really close.”

Ms Madden had no doubt this was the result of climate change and said the council’s stance was irresponsible and disappointing, but not surprising. end quote.

Coastal erosion has been happening in that area for decades. Probably longer. There is no evidence that it is caused by climate change. Even if it were, anything the council does will make no difference. Does she think planting a few trees and putting in EV charging stations will suddenly make the sea go away? quote.

New Zealand’s representative on the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Brownyn Hayward, said the community should not be written off as “rednecks” who did not understand the issue.

The council submitted that it had limited ability to contribute to reduce carbon levels through tree planting as only 16 percent of its land was not part of the conservation estate. end quote.

Dead right. Most of the land in the area is conservation land and much of that is scrub. If the government is hell bent on planting trees in the area, let them do it on conservation land. Shane Jones is planting 1 billion trees. Put some of them down there as part of that initiative. quote.

It also said it would be challenging for the region to move to fully electric vehicles, because of the need to charge batteries.

end quote.

There are lots of power cuts in the region because of the long distances between power generation sources and end users; this makes power expensive. Transmission losses can be between 5% and 11% in parts of the region. Also, people tend to travel longer distances than in the cities. Imagine if the local doctor could not charge up his Nissan Leaf to save a chronically ill patient because someone had driven into a power pole and knocked out the power supply to his area? It happens all the time down there. quote.

Dr Hayward said the West Coast should be a flag on how New Zealand made the transition to a lower carbon economy.

  MSM news end quote.

Why should it? The area almost certainly produces the lowest emissions in the country. Why make the locals pay more when they will see no benefit at all?

It is refreshing to see a public body standing up to the nonsense spouted by James Shaw and the Green party. The West Coast is, for the most part, the cleanest and least polluted part of the entire country. The Zero Carbon Bill will make little or no difference to the world situation regarding emissions, but it will cost the people of New Zealand a small fortune. Why exactly so many people are buying into this fantasy makes no sense at all.