‘Western culture, philosophy & science is basically crap’

David Seymour tweeted this exchange with a link to published figures about the Environmental Performance Index of various countries and the finding that “The top 18 are Western. The bottom 22 are non-Western.” Something that anyone with half a brain can readily discern. Hence Marama’s statement.

The professor tweeted: quote.

ok, I’m going to say it. Western culture, philosophy & science is basically crap, because at no point did it occur to anyone to emphasize “not fucking up our living environment” as a possible priority of thinking and life. end quote.

Professor Julia Steinberger

And Davidson replied. quote.

Thank you. This is brave leadership saying what many of us have long known. end quote.

After Seymour picked this up and commented on it, the lefty twitterati climbed into him in a big way, including Genter with: Quote.

Do you think that has anything to do with all of the goods consumed in ?Western? countries (often at low cost to westerners) that are produced in the countries at the bottom of the list? End quote.

Totally ignoring the fact that most of the goods consumed in western countries were manufactured in western countries for centuries, helping western countries to gain prosperity and cleaner environments.

I am old enough to remember when Christmas presents were examined for the “Made in Japan” stamp, marking them as gifts of decidedly inferior quality. Not so now, is it Ms Genter?

Seymour responded to Genter with: Quote.

Most probably, all the western values that Marama decries, property rights, democracy, the rule of law make it hard to pollute . But you know this JAG, when you gonna roll her and have a real environmental party? End quote.

An excellent question.

Back on the original thread from the erstwhile Professor, Ms Davidson opened her twat and changed tweet by posting another reply to the Professor’s nonsense. Quote.

And what we as indigenous peoples have been saying, fighting for, giving lives and livelihoods for since the start – is that our leadership and knowledge being undermined is core to the ruin of our planet. Work with us. Affirm us. We can help. End quote.

Marama Davidson

And I really don’t think that I can add anything better than the resulting tweet replies: Quote.

Just when I thought Marama could not get any more racist, stupid and departed from reality she goes and says this, but I need to thank her for reducing the votes for the greens[.] Pretty rich from a descendant of the people who burnt down most of the South Island in their quest to kill and eat the Moa out of existence

nz realistGrant Vickers

Exactly. They?re pushing this myth that Maori were great environmentalists and that NZ was utopia before colonisation. The fact is that pre-colonial Maori were directly responsible for numerous bird extinctions. Marama claims the high ground, but it?s based on fiction.

Adzebill, Bush Moa, Chatham Islands duck, Coastal Moa, Eastern Moa, Eyles harrier, Giant Moa, Haasts eagle, Heavy-footed Moa, Hodgen?s waterhen, Long-billed wren, NZ Geese, NZ Raven, Musk duck, NZ Swan, Scarlett?s duck, Upland Moa, Waitaha penguin. All extinct under Maori watch


Maori have the ability to rewrite history, just look at the whole Waitangi gravy train. Their great claim to have been wonderful environmentalists can be easily disproved but facts are not hugely important to foul mouthed Marama Davidson who continues to tweet incoherently.
End quote.

Grant Vickers