‘Where the hell is Cam?’

The eagle eyed amongst you have no doubt spotted that Cam has not written any posts for Whaleoil or Incite Politics for some time. In fact, Cam has been absent since October but, for various reasons that will become clear, we opted not to make any announcement till we were ready. That time has now come.

In late October Cam had to go to hospital by ambulance not once but twice. After being discharged from his first stay in hospital he had to be readmitted due to complications. Cam suffered a serious stroke that left him partially paralysed down his right side and totally paralysed in his right arm including his hand and fingers as well as severe impairment in higher order functioning and moderate speech impairment. Prior to this event Cam was perfectly fit and healthy with no predisposing stroke risk factors. Doctors have concluded that the cause of the stroke was entirely due to stress.

The media tried their damnedest to get hold of the story. In fact, Cam was receiving texts and phone calls from journalists, who had been tipped off while he was still on the ambulance stretcher, asking for details of his ‘medical event’. He had to be moved to another hospital where he was listed under a pseudonym as the hospital was being bombarded by media enquiries, mainly from the sewer dwellers at A Newspaper. 

The decision was taken at that point to maintain ‘radio silence’ to protect Cam?s privacy and to allow him the time and space to begin recovery without having to deal with vultures picking at his bones. All phone calls, texts and email messages from the media were steadfastly ignored.

Unbelievably (or perhaps not), after the first hospitalisation for the stroke, one reporter attempted to get hold of Cam?s private medical records, which had been provided to the court in strictest confidence. The stress that the reporter?s actions caused, and the legal action required to stop them, caused Cam to have another medical event just a day after being discharged from hospital after his severe stroke.

Now that more than two months have passed, we have decided it is time to let you, our loyal audience, know what has been going on behind the scenes. There will be no other public announcement or comment regarding Cam’s health other than to say that he is approaching his recovery with typical determination (some would say obsession) and a never-give-up attitude.

Progress is being made, but it is very long and very hard. Cam cannot concentrate, read or take phone calls for more than ten or fifteen minutes a day. He cannot cope with loud noises, background noises or being interrupted and he certainly does not have the ability to form complex thought structures. The vision in Cam’s right eye has also been affected.

On the day he was discharged from hospital Cam was presented with the results of a nerve impulse conduction test performed on his right arm which said there was exactly zero nerve impulse conduction detected by electrodes they had attached to that arm. That test is prognostic of long term outcomes. Obviously, zero nerve impulse conduction means zero movement.

Whaleoil and the Whaleoil Meat Company are thriving, thanks to the efforts of loyal and hardworking staff, and our readership and comments on the blog continue to increase and our meat sales continue to grow.

However, it would be untrue to pretend that we don?t need your help. Much as it pains us to ask others for help, we have concluded that we must ask for your assistance in helping Cam pay the huge legal bills he has incurred as a result of having to defend himself from the lawfare of his enemies.

Please help us to help Cam with his recovery by supporting our efforts to minimise further stress which could prove fatal to him. You could do this by donating to his legal fighting fund, buying a subscription to Whaleoil, upgrading your existing subscription, or by buying lots of lovely restaurant quality meat from The Whale Meat Company.

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