Where’s Cindy… again?

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

So our prime minister had a month long holiday, went to Europe where she did TV interviews and sat on stage with Prince William and David Attenborough and now she is back in New Zealand. She is not, however, back at work. This week’s usual weekly TV and radio interviews, done by prime ministers routinely since the days of Helen Clark, were with Grant Robertson.

One can be forgiven for thinking that, now that she rubs shoulders with Al Gore and Bono, she thinks she is too important to carry out the routine tasks of her job, such as talking to New Zealand journalists about New Zealand government policy.

Personally, I think she is afraid of being asked some hard questions, about, for example, Karel Sroubek and Richie Hardcore. Jacinda needs to learn a very important lesson. Failing to show doesn’t only make her look scared, which I think she is, it also makes her look aloof and disinterested; and that is suicide for a politician. quote.

So has anyone seen the Prime Minister lately? If anyone sees Jacinda Ardern in the flesh, could you please contact authorities so we can return her to the people.

This is an observation that has been brewing for a while. In fact Chris Trotter, a lefty, first wrote about it in the middle of December.

But it wasn’t until today that I finally thought this is getting weird.

Every Tuesday since Helen Clark’s day the prime minister has done the rounds of media in the morning. On Newstalk ZB that means 7.35am for 10 minutes and we have a quick recap of the issues of the week and where the government is at.

But we haven’t had one this year. Firstly she was on holiday, which I didn’t resent because she does have a child under one who hasn’t seen a lot of mum. Then last week the PM was in Davos, Switzerland but apparently was unable to use a phone.

This week’s excuse was a doozy. Apparently she couldn’t talk this morning because today she had Cabinet. Grant Robertson filled in. He also has Cabinet. Cabinet is not an excuse.

The suspicion is rising that Jacinda Ardern likes to be a spokesperson for a Government and a figurehead for the world but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of being a leader the job is a little difficult. end quote.

Yes, I think she finds it all too hard. Talking is what she is good at, which is why she had so much fun at Davos, talking about climate change and wellbeing. When it comes to turning all that talk into action though, Jacinda is coming up well and truly short.

The cornerstone of all of the government’s ‘wellbeing’ policies is housing. Whether it is private housing or state housing doesn’t really matter. There is no ‘wellbeing’ to be found living in a car. This government is failing on housing. They cannot keep accusing the previous government of ‘nine years of neglect’ if they can’t do any better themselves. quote.

Then there is the plethora of working groups. At first I was tolerant but now the whole thing seems to be taking an age. Other people are charged with doing the thinking rather than the government.

There appears to be a leadership vacuum.

The Prime Minister we have seems happiest when selling other people’s ideas and I’m starting to wonder what her ideas are.

And further to that there’s the fear that she might not have any ideas at all. end quote.

Andrew dickens

This government had ideas. It came into power as a ‘transformational government’, but they have been anything but transformational. Talking about what you are going to do is easy. Turning them into reality is another matter, as this government is now finding out. That is why Jacinda is not fronting to the public. She knows she has no answers for those who expect her to deliver on her promises. Expect to see much less of her in the future.