Whingeing activists must confront the inconvenient truth about Australia Day

Captions: Australia Day brings Australians together, whatever their origins.

Perhaps because we?ve gone a bit pants at cricket lately, Australia has turned its attention to an even less interesting sport: the annual leftist whinge-fest about Australia Day.

Once upon a time, the arrival of summer in Australia was marked by the deafening whine of cicadas. Now our summer days are blighted by an even more infuriating sound: the whining of a tiny cadre of cry-bully leftists, insatiably griping Aboriginal activists and watermelon local councillors.

Still, some see a tiny sliver of silver in this lefty cry-in. Quote:

Alice Springs Councilor Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has made headlines in mainstream media for voicing her strong opposition to calls for changing the date of Australia day. Despite taking part in the S.A.D. campaign, Ms Price has told NITV News she believes holding the debate is a positive step.

?A good thing that has come with the Change the Date campaign is the fact that there is a discussion being had. It?s an opportunity for many people with many different opinions to come forward and express those opinions,? she said. End of quote.

But, as we all know, in the world of the legacy media-left elite, only opinions they agree with are allowed. Quote:

However, Ms Price lamented that the ?emotional? nature of the debate has provoked angry responses to her views.

?The downside of some of that is someone like me expressing my opinions has caused quite a bit of backlash; quite nasty things have been said.? End of quote.

It?s instructive to watch the ‘woke’ left resort to racist abuse when members of their pet victim group go off the plantation. Dissenting voices like Price and Warren Mundine are regularly abused as ‘Uncle Toms’ and ‘coconuts’. Racism is just dandy if it?s the left doing it, apparently.

Besides being opportunistic racists, the left either just don?t understand ? or else lie about ? history. Quote:

When asked about her stance on Australia?s national holiday being celebrated on the day that commemorates the landing of the First Fleet and the start of colonisation, Ms Price reiterated she is a ?true believer that we should remain having Australia Day on the 26 of January because it?s a very significant date in our country?s history?

?By ignoring this date, we?re ignoring the significance of this particular date and we do need to learn about our country?s history in its entirety ? all that is really horrible about our history, but all that?s really good about our history, as well,? she said. End of quote.

The biggest lie from the left is that Australia Day is somehow celebrating the problems that were inevitably going to happen when a paleolithic culture finally collided with an industrial one. Whingers who babble about the ‘brutality of colonisation’ never acknowledge the appalling brutality ? especially for women and children ? that already existed there. Quote:

?People aren?t celebrating the fact that Aboriginal people have suffered. Nowhere do I believe that an Australian is celebrating that fact. They are celebrating the fact that we are an incredibly wonderful nation. We are a nation where we have the oldest living culture, and we also have Western culture, living harmoniously,? Ms Price said?

?I think it?s important to understand it all, but to celebrate the fact that my mum?s Walpiri and my dad?s a white man and I?m a product of reconciliation in this country. End of quote.


As Sir Bob Jones so memorably pointed out, carping ‘activists’ conveniently forget that, if it weren?t for colonisation, many of them wouldn?t be here. Not a single person is denying that colonisation brought with it a host of disasters, unintended and otherwise. The only denialists are the fools who pretend that Australia?s history has not ultimately benefited everyone.

That?s what we celebrate.