Who’s afraid of Jami-Lee Ross?

Jami-Lee Ross with Simon Bridges

Jami-Lee Ross? return to parliament has provoked National into asking the Speaker, Trevor Mallard, to restrict Ross? movements by cutting off his access to National Party offices.  Quote.

Restrictions that apply to most of its parliamentary offices will soon apply to all of its offices, meaning no one will have swipe card access unless authorised by the party.? End of quote.

This is an outrageous intervention. Quote.

Currently the National Party controls who can access its offices on the second and third floor of Parliament House, but MPs and journalists are not restricted from entering a section of corridor on the ground floor that has access to National MPs’ offices.
Extra security to the ground floor corridor has now been approved by Speaker Trevor Mallard.


On Ross?s return we will have an unprecedented situation where journalists have greater access to parliamentary offices than one elected member.?quote.

It is understood the move is a response to concerns that were raised by National.” End of quote.

Who could forget Jami-Lee Ross? claim ?I believe Simon Bridges is a corrupt politician?? These words must be etched on Bridges? brain.

Is Bridges smarting because Ross? statement is not true, or is he scared that Ross will come up with the evidence to support his claim?? If there are bodies National has buried in the House, Ross will know exactly where to find them. Quote.

Last week, Ross said that he was ready to return to Parliament, and that he wasn’t after revenge, but wanted to serve the interests of those in his electorate.? End of quote.

Simon Bridges clearly does not trust Jami-Lee Ross or he would not have taken such extreme measures to keep Ross well away. However going to such lengths also demonstrates Bridges’ fear that his grip on the leadership of the National Party is weakening, and like all plotters, Bridges may end up being the instigator of his own demise.