Why does a convicted fraudster have the PM’s number?

Convicted fraudster Alex Swney, a fellow inmate of Sroubek. Photo: ALEX BURTON/FAIRFAX

So, after months of questions in the House and the prime minister having gone AWOL since Christmas, details of the text sent to her by Richie Hardcore have finally been released under the Official Information Act. Here it is in all its glory.

Myself and my friends and the community wanted to pass on their respects and praise for the decision about Jan Antolik, Karoul Sroubek, he’s made a bunch of really bad choices but he’s a good guy deep down, so thank you to Ian and yourself for giving him another chance.

Richie Hardcore

‘Thank you to Ian and yourself…?’ Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? From that text, I assume that Richie Hardcore knows both the immigration minister and the prime minister personally. But maybe I am reading between the lines?

Of course, Sroubek is a ‘good guy deep down’. Aren’t all wife-beating drug dealers who use false identities ‘good guys deep down’ really? His mother thinks so. The only question is – How deep do you have to go?

The request under the OIA asked for all texts pertaining to the Sroubek decision however and details of another text on the subject were also released, which makes very interesting reading.

“U [sic] r too polite to say it but I will – Bridges & the Nats r being bastards about this Sroubek saga. I want to assist with information I hve included in an email I hve just copied u in on. If I can please advise. Best Alex”

Alex Swney

‘Alex’ is Alex Swney, a fellow inmate of Sroubek. What the heck is a convicted fraudster doing with the prime minister’s phone number?

Photoshopped digital image credit: Pixy

Remember the Media meltdown when it was found that our Editor, Cameron Slater, had texted Prime Minister John Key? If a journalist and owner of a New Zealand’s number one blog site having the PM’s phone number is a scandal, then surely to God a convicted criminal having it is ten times worse?

Our research indicates that Alex Swney is the brother of a man who, just happens to be married to Jacinda’s cousin. quote.

Swney is a former inmate who served at the same time as Sroubek.[…]
In the email – sent to Galloway after the decision was made public – Swney speaks in support of Sroubek, and asks the Minister not to be “bowed down to this sort of mean spirited populism.”

He then forwarded this on to the Prime Minister with a note saying he “recognised how politically you are in a difficult position but the National Party are behaving so disgracefully in this matter.”

National Immigration spokesman Michael Woodhouse said the release raised “serious questions”.

 “Why was Sroubek’s main supporter texting her directly to pass on his ‘respect and praise’ over the decision to allow Sroubek to stay in New Zealand in spite of Sroubek’s criminal history and the fact he came here on a false passport?” Woodhouse said.

“Why was one of Sroubek’s fellow inmates ? Alex Swney – texting and emailing the Prime Minister information on the case, which has only now been revealed in spite of months of questioning? And what was that information and what is her relationship with Mr Swney?”
“The whole thing stinks. 

  Stuff end quote.

Yes. It stinks to high heaven.

It is a serious concern both that a convicted fraudster has the prime minister’s phone number and that he is forward enough to direct her to read his e-mail and to offer to assist her directly with information.?Despite being a convicted fraudster, he seems to think that he can influence the prime minister with the information that he holds.

I am not saying that he did influence the prime minister, of course. I am merely saying that he obviously thought that he could, which is extremely surprising, whichever way you look at it.

But, you know what they say, particularly if you ever watched “Breaking Bad”… ‘La familia es todo’… family is everything.

Yes, I know. I am just reading between the lines…