Winston says Britain needs a ‘hard’ Brexit

Winston Peters and Nigel Farage

Winston Peters is now an expert on British and European politics. Apparently, he knew all along that Britain would face a ‘hard’ Brexit, and that this was always going to be the outcome. It is a shame that he didn’t tell this to Teresa May, who has spent the best part of the last two years trying to negotiate a deal with Europe that would be acceptable to her government. She clearly shouldn’t have wasted her time. She should simply have employed Winston instead. quote.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters says told The Country’s Jamie Mackay Brexit was never going to be easy. end quote.

Nobody ever said it would be. David Cameron resigned over it. Boris Johnston, having supported and promoted Brexit throughout, ran for cover once the vote was in. Teresa May took the poisoned chalice, and whatever anyone says about her, she has done the best she could. Many people in Britain applaud her for her effort, although not generally for the outcome. quote.

“I have said it before and I will say it again. The British parliament need to prepare for a hard landing. The sooner they prepare for the future, the better.” end quote.

Britain was always preparing for the future. What Teresa May was trying to achieve was an outcome that would be palatable to Remainers as well. The EU was never going to allow that to happen though. The bloc could become a house of cards if they let Britain off the hook too easily. quote.

When asked if he believed New Zealand could go back to a relationship with Britain before the European union was introduced, Peters was optimistic it may actually benefit Kiwi farmers if that did happen.
“I saw opportunities for New Zealand farmers a few years in the farming area because of a consequence of Brexit. The real issue is the outcome was always going to be a hard Brexit, and [not] a soft negotiating one.” end quote.

That is not necessarily true, even now. Teresa May is widely expected to go back to the EU to try to negotiate the agreement, particularly concerning the issues around the Northern Ireland border. It is not over yet… although Winston, of course, knows better.

Here is my favourite bit of the interview. I could hardly believe that Winston said this. quote.

How come they sat there, and they are meant to be statesmen, politicians, leaders and diplomats, and they can’t even see what is coming down the track?

  Winston Peters end quote.

How come, Winston, (who is meant to be a statesman and a politician), was able to sign New Zealand up to the UN Migration Compact without seeing “what is coming down the track”?

Also, why is it that a man who campaigned on reducing immigration at the last election has allowed over 96,000 people into the country in his time in government, bearing in mind that we are a country of not quite 5 million people? Can he not see what is ‘coming down the track’ there too? No wonder we have a housing crisis.

Winston Peters now refers to those who disagree with him as ‘alt-right’. That is very interesting. A lot of his own supporters would fall into the category of ‘alt-right’ these days, so he is talking about them. He must have picked up this very clever trick from Hillary Clinton, who called some of her potential voters ‘deplorables’. Let us hope that Winston’s support base reacts appropriately to his attitude towards them at the next election and throws him out of office once and for all.