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gridiron (noun) – 1. (Football) (a) The field of play.
(b) The game itself.
2. A metal structure high above the stage of a theatre, from which ropes or cables are strung to scenery and lights.
3. (a) A flat framework of parallel metal bars used for broiling meat or fish.
(b) An object resembling such a framework.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Modern gridirons are covered in football players when they’re in use, but the original gridirons were more likely to be covered with meat or fish; they were metal gratings used for broiling food over an open fire. In Middle English, such a grating was called a gredil, a root that gave modern English both gridiron and griddle. How did gridiron become associated with football? That happened in the late 1800s, when a white grid pattern was added to football fields to help enforce new rules about how many yards a team had to gain to keep possession of the ball. From high up in the stands, the lines made the playing fields look like cooking gridirons.