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mordant (adj) – 1. (a) Bitingly sarcastic.
(b) Incisive and trenchant.
2. Bitingly painful.
3. Serving to fix colours in dyeing.

(noun) – 1. A reagent, such as tannic acid, that fixes dyes to cells, tissues, or textiles or other materials.
2. A corrosive substance, such as an acid, used in etching.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The etymology of mordant certainly has some bite to it. That word, which came to modern English through Middle French, ultimately derives from the Latin verb mord?re, which means “to bite.” In modern parlance, mordant usually suggests a wit that is used with deadly effectiveness. Mord?re puts the bite into other English terms, too. For instance, that root gave us the tasty morsel (“a tiny bite”). But nibble too many of those and you’ll likely be hit by another mord?re derivative: remorse (“guilt for past wrongs”), which comes from Latin remord?re, meaning “to bite again.”