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postern (noun) – A small rear gate, especially one in a fort or castle.

(adj) – Situated in the back or at the side.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : English postern comes from Old French posterne, originally ?a concealed exit from a fort, a sally port,? later ?a small door, a back door.? Posterne is an alteration of Old French posterle ?a back door, back way,” from Late Latin posterula ?a small back door or gate; back way, byway,? a diminutive noun formed from the adjective posterus ?(coming or being) after or in the future? and -ula, the feminine form of the common diminutive noun suffix -ulus. The -n- in posterne is likely due to the influence of the Old French adjectives interne (from Latin internus) and externe (from Latin externus). Postern entered English in the early 14th century.