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timorous (adj) – Full of apprehensiveness; timid.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Timorous, ?fearful,? has several spellings in Middle English, e.g., tymerous, timerous, temerous, which all come via Old French temeros, timoureus from the Medieval Latin adjective tim?r?sus ?fearful,? a derivative of the Latin noun timor ?fear,? itself a derivative of the verb tim?re ?to fear, be afraid.? (There is no further reliable etymology for the Latin.) The English and French spellings tim- and tem- betray a confusion going back to at least the 14th century between derivations of the Latin verb tim?re ?to fear? and adverb temere ?rashly, recklessly? (the source of the English noun temerity). From the English variant spelling timerous (?fearful?), English forms the uncommon noun temerity ?fearfulness, timidity,? which is also spelled timerite and temerity, the latter spelling continuing that confusion. Timorous entered English in the 15th century.