Would he dare tell it like it is?

President Donald Trump

In Doug Lynn’s latest blog post, he has imagined a State of the Union 2019 address from President Trump. Obviously these are not the real words that Trump will use but there is plenty in his imagined speech to think about. Maybe there is a tinfoil hat conspiracy suggestion, maybe there isn’t.

Whatever the truth is, in the USA, we know that our lot are hand in glove with the international power brokers in giving away our border sovereignty. Quote.

[…] Over the past four decades, our educational system was subverted in order to dumb down our citizenry, and governmental welfare programs were expanded until now, today, the majority of American citizens have been lulled into a contented slumber via phony prosperity, faux money, fake news and an arbitrarily immoral code of political correctness.

Through the financial acquisition and consolidation of the nation?s media outlets and entertainment venues, and via the steady barrage of consistent and hypnotic electronic programming, the globalists have hypnotized a majority of American voters to abandon their vigilance to our founding principles; and our borders.

Affirmation of rights derived from natural law, honesty, morality, self-reliance, equality of opportunity, fiscal responsibility, and limited government has now, through the degrading indoctrination of Cultural Marxism, been subordinated to counterfeit concerns over bathroom rights, skin color, and genitalia.

Before the globalists can destroy America, they must first eradicate our identity. And, this, my fellow Americans, goes to the very heart of our current gridlock in our nation?s capital which has resulted in our longest government shutdown in history.

Can a nation exist without borders? The answer to that question is, of course, ?no?; because borders are necessary to geographically separate ideologically disparate countries of separate peoples and from each respective nation?s code of laws, economic system, and currency.

But you see, this is not in the best interest of the global financial elite who desire one world order. If one looks to history they will see how slavery is rooted in economics, and this, dear citizens, is what they, who would be our rulers, desire.

Whether delivered by crony capitalism, communism, collectivism, leftism, socialism, or by any other name, it?s always the same: An elite few who deceive the useful idiots within any population with promises of utopia and equality; yet always resulting in a short-lived wicked paradise for those select few and, invariably, delivered by means of poverty, death, and despair.

I stand before you tonight, not as a politician, but as your president; a former international businessman envisioning a multilateral world of sovereign nations cooperating through fair trade and mutual respect for law and order. I seek to reestablish American liberty, her traditions of innovation and excellence; a beautiful city, shining.

But, my political opponents ? those who favor globalism, seek only power and control through centralization, regulations, and unjust laws designed to stifle individual achievement, autonomy, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today, my fellow Americans, the wall on our southern border is a line in the sand between those who stand with me and those who desire global hegemony. For, you see, out of the chaos of a world in turmoil, the international elite seek to establish order.

One world under them. A world without borders.

Senator Chuck Schumer has recently stated that a wall won?t work while lamenting my proposed $5.7 billion of taxpayer funds. He also called me a liar because I have said Mexico will pay for the wall. So I ask you, my fellow Americans, do you believe Chuck actually cares about your money?

If he did, he would realize that Mexico will pay for the wall by keeping their citizens in their own country instead of on America?s welfare rolls.

Besides, if Senator Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats, and their globalist handlers, truly believed a great big, glorious wall on our southern border wouldn?t work, they?d allow me to build it. Then, if it was ineffective, they could use the failure against me in 2020. But that?s not happening. Do you know why? It?s because they all know a wall will work in assuring America?s sovereignty. That?s why. […] End quote.

Doug Lynn

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