Your children, their pawns

People’s children are sacrificial pawns in advancing Gender Ideology.
It?s clear that gender-theory ideologues are intent on advancing their beliefs without regard for due process, parental consent or civil discussion.

If you engage in debate around this issue online, you find prevalent vitriolic and vicious support for the idea that ‘Gender’ is not influenced at all by biological sex.

The ideologues’ responses to objections to their theories are seldom anything other than emotional manipulation such as ‘you?re invalidating my existence’. An appeal to the current year is also a common weapon in their arsenal.

?It?s 2019! get with the times, bigot?  isn?t exactly winning anyone over, but it is a tool to silence dissent.   

One belief they hold is that gender roles and stereotypes are merely learned behaviours imposed upon us by our oppressive ‘colonial’ western society.
They also believe that society is merely a ‘construct’ and can be broken down and rebuilt in any number of ways without any consequences.

A civil and rational society theoretically should discuss these radical new ideas fully and respectfully before teaching them to people’s children.

The vast majority of New Zealand’s population don’t understand what the doctrine of gender identity means, let alone realise that it is already being taught!

This was brought to the fore recently in a post on Facebook, by the New Conservative Party.

The poll didn?t go quite as expected, with the final result a ?yes? vote of 52%.

How could this happen, in what could quite easily have been an echo-chamber of ideas?

It?s evident by looking at the comments that the usual abuse was leveled at those who commented in opposition to gender ideology in schools.
Many of the commenters were not even from New Zealand and found the post in several LGBT-specific groups, where it had been shared, in order to skew the result.

Comments and shares abounded from people based in the USA and the UK.

A poll in a public arena is expected to be shared, but their objective was to skew the result, not simply to achieve a realistic view of public perception.
In considering the attempt to skew the result alongside the aggression in the comments, two things stand out.

  • It was simply taken for granted that they had a right to our children’s minds, that superseded ours as parents.
  • The far left worked together for the furtherance of their agenda, whereas the ordinary ‘mums and dads’ clearly had little interest in activism or collaborative effort.

Complacency is how we’ve allowed it to get this far in the first place, and their belief in their moral authority over us reveals the undertones of a totalitarian mindset.

The goal of the gender-theorist is to alter society as we know it. This is admitted openly on LGBT pages. They are prepared to indoctrinate your children without your consent.

The UK has now launched an official government inquiry after it was revealed that over the last 10 years there has been a 4,500% increase in children seeking puberty blockers.

A father in Canada has lost custody for opposing his 6 year old child’s transition, and so too have a Texas couple.

  • Parental consent is irrelevant to their agenda.
  • Public opinion will be altered through bullying and subversion.

We need to forge an overt public discussion about this before we allow it to slip into our schools. We have not consented, because we have not been consulted, and we must all speak out now.

If we don’t, the consequences are on our children and our families.

In a game of chess, pawns are often used sacrificially in order to achieve the end goal of dominance over one’s opponent.

Those pawns are your children, and their wellbeing is secondary to the gender-theory ideologues’ goal.