A dummies guide to rolling a leader

There is a tried and true method of getting rid of unwanted leaders or leaders past their use by date.

We have seen them all before as we watched all the plays with Labour’s five leadership changes.

Stage one:

The contenders will be quietly assessing their numbers. We know Paula Bennett certainly is, along with her sidekick ?I?m only loyal to Paula? deputy Mark Mitchell. The boss believes that they are the inept puppeteers who have masterminded Bridges’ downfall so that they could benefit.

In the now-famous phone call that Cameron had with Simon Bridges after Jami-Lee Ross’ suicide attempt, he told Simon that he was being set up by Bennett. I am sure that Simon will now be regretting ignoring Cam’s warning but it is simply too late.

Stage two:

Someone in caucus will approach Bridges shortly, and tell him to go or there will be a push. Then a stalking horse will be put up and then, after that, the main actors will reveal themselves.

It won?t happen fast, but Bridges is now on the slippery slope to oblivion. If One News produces a similar poll then he?s finished.
Right now National caucus members should be demanding the raw numbers from David Farrar?s internal polling. That will tell them everything that they need to know.

One News has made the not surprising claim that Judith Collins is “not interested” in taking over the National Party leadership, despite the NZ public preferring her to Simon Bridges.

Of course she isn?t interested?yet.