A satirical response to the ‘Racist’ landlord, Maori student news story

M?ori student had rules laid out after potential landlord found out her ethnicity


Racism in New Zealand  ( **Satire )

SKYDAWN: Mrs Jones, you have been a landlord for how long?
MRS JONES: I’ve been a landlady for about seven years.
SKYDAWN: Please don’t use sexist language, Mrs Jones. So you have been ‘letting property’, shall we say, for about seven years?
SKYDAWN: And have any of your tenants been Maori?
SKYDAWN: You will be aware, then, that Maori like to have gatherings of the whanau?
MRS JONES: Yes. Quite often, in my experience. And quite noisy they can be.

SKYDAWN: And sometimes after these gatherings, members of the whanau stay overnight. Is that correct?
MRS JONES: Not sometimes. Always, in my experience.
SKYDAWN: Would you say, then, that Maori having whanau sleep overnight in their home is a Maori custom?
MRS JONES: It looks like it, yes.
SKYDAWN: In your advertisement for your apartment you wrote that whoever rented the property would not be allowed to have people stay overnight. This is an obvious racist attack against the tangata whenua.
MRS JONES: Not at all. That applies to everyone, race doesn’t come into it.
SKYDAWN: But you have just acknowledged that having people sleep overnight is a Maori custom. Your advertisement is racism of the worst kind.
MRS JONES: Let me make myself clear. I don’t want any of my tenants to allow others to stay in my properties overnight. I don’t care if they are Maori, Pakeha or Chinese. I don’t care about their race, it applies to everyone.
SKYDAWN: It is very obvious that you are discriminating against Maori. Your racism is vile and I will be placing your case before the Human Rights Commission.