A slap on the bum is not okay

The protestor who slapped a stranger on the ass in the video.

By James Davidson

I am so glad that the police stepped in.

Or at least, that?s what I would have said if they had stepped in.

February 2nd was a day to remember. While scouring through YouTube it is easy to find videos of MAGA hat wearing, wall-promoting right wing voters being harassed by left wingers while buying a vape, going onto a university or even for simply just smiling. You become accustomed to seeing the toxic ?tolerant? left exploding in a rage of social justice ?virtue?. But you?d never really consider it happening in your own town. Until it did.

On February 2nd, in Wellington City, at a protest about the UN Migrant Compact, we saw the clash of the ‘Liberal’ Wellingtonians and their counterparts who are those who believe in tighter border control than what the UN has been asserting.

After looking back at the event, from the get-go you could see trouble brewing. As New Zealand and especially Wellington is such a diverse place, the topic of immigration, refugees and migration can quickly turn into a screaming debate. Even when the only thing you?re arguing for is having tighter border controls.

We should turn away foreigners who believe that gays should be thrown from roof tops. How the left can stand for gay rights, but at the same time protest in support of importing people who would prefer them dead is something that I am still grappling with.

Before the event began, hasslers were already making their voices heard. Shouting about the lack of people attending the protest (even though the organisers were still setting up and hadn’t even begun) and that “immigrants will always be welcome here”.

To be fair to them, I cannot provide evidence regarding anything that a person did, or did not say or do before the event started and, as I am not a leftist, I do not make it a habit to claim grievance without evidence. So for this testimony, I will only state things that I can prove.

Many of you will have seen the video clips on rightminds.nz and whaleoil.co.nz about the Wellington event.

I will highlight four specific events that are shown in the video. The common theme in each of these situations is that they were points within the protest where the police should have stepped in and protected the law-abiding, tax-paying, permitted patrons who were being threatened.

The first point where things began to get aggressive, or at least the first situation that I can prove, was when a very tall protestor towered over one of the NZ Sovereignty member’s head in an attempt to intimidate him.

The police were present at the time. However, nothing was done.

Next was a situation where the police did, in fact, step in. However, instead of coming to the NZ Sovereignty’s aid while being assaulted they waited until members of the protestor side came over to defend their own.

Fortunately, it was only a shove and a pathetic hat grab. (I mean really, what was she trying to do? Give him death by a thousand cuts by exposing him for too long to the sun?)

After having his hat thrown to the ground, two others then went on to kick his hat. As far as I?m aware, property rights still exist in New Zealand (as long as you turn a blind eye to the government soon being able to seize land for kiwibuild) and, since property damage and assault is a crime, the police could have been much more active when the ‘tolerant’ protestors did both.

The third point was when a protestor wearing a MAGA hat was slapped on the ass by the man in the photo below.

This protestor slapped the man wearing a MAGA hat on the ass
You can see the protestor’s hand about to slap the other man in the bottom right of the photo.

Apparently when a man is slapped on the ass by a stranger, the appropriate response from the New Zealand Police is to turn their backs when the victim asks for help.

I don?t generally like to go into ?what if? scenarios, but we both know how that incident would have gone if the MAGA wearing male whose bottom was slapped was a woman.

The last point is regarding section 86 in the Crimes Act. Unlawful assembly.

I am no lawyer, and my interpretation of the law could certainly be wrong. However, in the Crimes Act it states: ?An unlawful assembly is an assembly of 3 or more persons who, with intent to carry out any common purpose, assemble in such a manner, or so conduct themselves when assembled, as to cause persons in the neighbourhood of the assembly to fear, on reasonable grounds, that the persons so assembled?

(a) will use violence against persons or property in that neighbourhood or elsewhere; or
(b) will, by that assembly, needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to use violence against persons or property in that neighbourhood?

Were there three or more anti-protestors?

Yes. You saw that in the video clip.

Did they cause us, the protestors who were there legally, to fear on reasonable grounds that they would use violence against us?

Of course we had reasonable grounds to fear this because on multiple occasions they demonstrated their capability for violence.

In the four situations I have pointed out I, believe that there were reasonable grounds for the police to step in and protect those protestors who were legally there. However, they chose not to.

Sometimes it can be difficult for the police to know what actions to take, I understand that, but I was shocked when they did nothing even when they were asked for help. It is a terrible thought that the very people we trust to keep us safe might refuse to do their job.

It is not reasonable to let a protest close itself down due to threats of violence while police are present. In a situation where they are there, yet you still have to defend yourselves, the police aren?t doing their jobs.

My only hope is that we won?t be placed in a similar situation again.