A tale of two elephants

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There are elephants in two different political rooms right now. There is the Labour elephant, (who has painted his toe nails yellow and is currently attempting to float upside down in a bowl of yellow Vegan custard) and then there is the National elephant.

The Labour elephant is business confidence and Ardern spoke this week to an audience made up of prominent business people and industry leaders, attempting to convince them that their doubts about business confidence were unfounded. Meanwhile, the elephant tried to stay out of sight, sinking deeper and deeper into the custard until he needed to grasp a plastic straw with his trunk just so that he could breathe after the paper one got soggy. quote.

There is a Labour elephant hiding in here somewhere!

[…] Conventional wisdom stated that Simon Bridges would be safe as long as National maintained an advantage over Labour in popularity that matched its numerical edge in opposition.

The public simply haven’t taken to the idea of him leading the country; the latest poll, in which he dropped 3.9 points to 5 per cent as preferred prime minister, suggests they never will.
That’s despite numerous missteps by this Labour coalition government, including the lack of building in KiwiBuild and the dearth of common sense in the Karel? Sroubek? farce. end quote.

An opposition leader couldn’t have been gifted with a more incompetent and scandal dogged government to oppose this year yet there has been a very obvious failure to take advantage of the constant missteps, and scandals regularly coming out of the coalition government by Simon Bridges. He had so much material to work with yet the MP’s getting in the hard hits last year and this are Melissa Lee…

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker
National MP Paul Goldsmith

Paul Goldsmith and Judith Collins. quote.

National MP Judith Collins

What’s a party to do? […] Surely, in this tricky, divisive era of changing gender politics, only a woman can tell another woman to zip it, sweetie, and get away with it.

[…] This is but one poll, and no time to panic, but according to that poll Labour has moved significantly ahead of National.
If such a gap is confirmed in another survey, then surely time will be up for Bridges.

The next election is possibly 18 months away; National, without any political dance partners at this stage, would have to concede that losing is a growing possibility against an increasingly popular Government.
But there’s losing, and then there’s losing: if National is not the ruling party it will still want to be the motivated, sizeable opposition party to run the rule over the winner. To maintain a strong momentum and relevance.

[…] This latest poll puts that at risk, and many in National will be pondering the large, unwelcome guest sitting awkwardly within their caucus: just as Labour’s popularity appears to be driven by that of its leader, is National’s now riding the receding tide of support for its principal?

Collins might not be the leader National wants, but she just might be the one it needs right now, especially if the intention is to keep the Government on its toes, and the numbers close.[…] end quote.


Is the National party the National caucus or is the National party the membership and the National voters? Judith Collins is the leader that National voters want according to the latest poll.

The elephant sitting in National’s room right now is the unhappy membership. If caucus don?t deliver what the members want then the party could face an insurrection and a rules change to give members more of a say.

The president and the board are supposed to give the members a say, but under both John Key and Bill English they became little more than lickspittles to the leader. They ignored the elephant in the room last time they selected a leader so the question now is are they arrogant and foolish enough to do it again?