A tale of two very different rallies: Christchurch & Wellington

Christchurch rally against the UN Global compact on migration. Photo: Whaleoil

Our Whaleoil citizen journalist reports that around 100 people turned out for the Christchurch rally against the UN Global compact on migration. There were no hecklers and no drama. There were no representatives from the National party at all but the New Conservative party fronted and “put on a good performance.”

Our reporter chatted with David Moffett afterwards and was impressed with both him and his speech.

The Wellington rally was quite different. Owen Llewellyn from the blog RightMinds writes that Leftist bullies disrespected the National anthem and tried to intimidate the female speaker.

The anti-UN Migration Pact protest in Wellington today was hijacked by a leftist rent-a-mob.? Outrageous bullying tactics were used.

On two separate occasions, men over 6 feet tried to intimidate Jules, the NZ Sovereignty speaker, a slightly built female. She nevertheless bravely carried on and calmly educated the crowd about the Pact and related issues.

The ignorance of the hecklers was beyond belief. Most seemed to have conflated opposition to the UN Migration Pact with opposition to regular immigration.

Judging by their comments, they were seemingly brainwashed by our education system and the mainstream media. They were triggered by what they mistakenly took to be racism.

Bereft of any worthwhile arguments, they resorted to bullying and intimidation tactics. They then put the tin hat on it all by totally disrespecting the national anthem.


If you watch the video you will see the same tired techniques being used to try to smear and silence the message. A man with a swastika tattooed on his head was targeted as being supposedly representative of the rally. I would not be surprised at all if he was a plant by leftists as that is a common tactic to enable them to smear those who are pro-free speech as Nazis.

Sadly I saw some on social media on the weekend being totally taken in by this smear and also the lies on Social media saying that the rally did not disavow the views of the skinhead.

If you watch the video you will see that she clearly did disavow his views but she defended everyones right to freedom of speech. This is a concept that so many left-wing people seem mentally incapable of grasping.