‘A working-class scab’

Ex Prime Minister John Key outside the State House he grew up in.

By George

It is widely known that John Key, throughout his childhood, was raised by his solo parent mother within the security of a state house and then shook off the shackles of state support to became a very successful and wealthy businessman and eventually one of New Zealand?s most popular prime ministers.

The ?chair and author? of the report from the Tax Working Group, Sir Michael Cullen once called him, ?a working class scab? clearly with reference to his motivated abandonment of social dependency in his pursuit of self-determination. We can all recall Cullen’s ?rich prick” gibe and his reference to Key as a ?scumbag“.

So it is clear, that Cullen views successful, motivated people as significant roadblocks in the promotion of socialism.

Sir Michael Cullen received a fully funded scholarship to Christ College in Christchurch. In his maiden speech in parliament he had this to say:
“I’m proud of the fact that my secondary education was not paid for by the taxpayers of New Zealand but by the farmers of Canterbury and Hawke’s Bay. I ripped them off for five years then, and I shall get stuck into them again in the next few years?.

Cullen has the entrenched hatred of anyone who has the audacity to dismiss the state from their lives. He claims that taxing the investments of the perceived wealthy then redistributing it to those with no investment or savings is an act of fairness. This is a deliberate and manipulative lie. Some call it ?envy tax” but I call it ?dependency tax.”

Cullen has no reason for envy. His not insignificant wealth, has been accumulated through a lifetime of state employment whether as a university lecturer, MP or appointments to government working committees. Never once has he risked his own capital in a venture that provided productivity, employment or income. His accumulated wealth is entirely from the trough. And the trough is never deep enough for socialists.

This trough is their indoctrination fund. Dependence on the State is their ultimate goal. They need money to harvest more towards the entrapment of socialism and there is no other person more qualified than Cullen to implement this progression. That is why I view the taxes as dependency taxes. Cullen is a very dangerous and manipulative socialist and his focus is firmly set on the discouragement of independence through socialist legislation and taxation.

We must never surrender our will to take risks, to trust our instincts, and to pursue our dreams. If it all comes crumbling down, just do it again, but differently. Socialists can go to hell. Socialism is the personification of cowardice. I would rather sleep under a bridge than sell my soul to socialism. If you think we got rid of Clark and Cullen ten years ago you’re mistaken. Like a cancer in remission, they’re back with their puppet child Ardern. They had unfinished business. They don’t know how to move on. They don’t even know that they are also the victims of socialism; brainwashed into submission.