Air NZ pull awful safety vid, because foreign rappers said it sucked

Air NZ safety video featuring a famous Maori kid, some Air NZ staff and a rapper bloke who used to be a girl. No longer polluting your national airline.

Last November you may recall a Whaleoil post letting you know just how awful the latest Air New Zealand safety video was. Well finally, some two and a half months later, a newspaper has finally picked up on the story.

It’s a good thing they have. They might be a bit late to the party but in their article from the 30th of January, they make mention of a couple of very ‘famous’ rappers from overseas who publicly bagged the airline for their terrible, amateurish attempt at being cool.

These rappers (for older oilers, that’s basically talk-singers) quietly mentioned to their billions of Twitter followers how cringeworthy the safety video was, and apparently that was all that was needed for Air NZ to swiftly pull the offending video.

Replacing the rap monstrosity, an old 2016 safety video called Summer of Safety, which stars Rachel Hunter, will be screened instead.

Air New Zealand says its decision is based on a new campaign to stimulate domestic travel and promote tourism to Northland.

Yeah, I’m gonna call bollocks on that one Air New Zealand. We all know Shane Jones has heaps of money to give away to Northland. Just because he likes to attack you all the time doesn’t mean you should be sucking up to him.

Or is it simply because you have finally realised what a colossal waste of money the whole debacle has been?

Rumour has it that the production of the world’s worst rapping safety video cost somewhere in the region of two million dollars! I’m led to believe from an insider, that all the main ‘talent’ involved in it were completely embarrassed to be involved once they saw how ridiculous it all was, but they didn’t feel they could speak out because the director just thought it was the best thing ever. I guess the fact that they will have all been paid handsomely for their efforts might have paid a small part in them losing their power of protest.

So good on Air NZ for finally admitting that they screwed up royally. It’s just in time for the great influx of tourists to Northland, because you know, the end of summer, after everyone has finished their holidays, is obviously the best time to break old Rachel out again.

Here’s hoping for a better video for their next attempt, but please, whatever you do Air New Zealand, don’t start thinking we need to see more of Richard Simmons!

Richard Simmons is Fit to Fly!