America’s Jacinda

Twins separated at birth?

Michael Moore is saying that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?is the leader of the Democrats and that the law should be changed to allow her to run for president because according to the rules she is too young. quote.

?She is the leader. She?s the leader,? Michael Moore said of Ocasio-Cortez. ?Everyone knows it, everyone feels it, she?s the leader of this mass movement.?
Moore also expressed his opinion that the minimum age for president should be lowered so that Ocasio-Cortez could run for president in 2020.


So the qualifications to run a country in order of importance are as follows:

  • Be a young woman
  • Have no real experience of work
  • Serving drinks or fish and chips is good enough
  • A big toothy smile and a pretty face is a vote winner

The really frightening thing is that there probably are enough lunatics out there to vote her in as POTUS especially when you consider that Moore also wants the voting age lowered to 16.