An Ant’s story

I’m just an ant. But what can one ant do without the colony? New Zealand Sovereignty is a movement that hopes to harness the passion and determination of the countless New Zealanders who have had enough.

Please, do not listen to those who shake their head and say “this can’t work” or “things are moving too slowly.” These are the voices of the ants that remain in the shadows and outskirts…they are not the worker ants.

Lil ol me “Concerned Ant” says…WE CAN CHANGE New Zealand’s direction BY 2020. NZ Sovereignty is in it for the long haul. The rallies are just the start, one small step. I am in 110%. Are you?

In just one month we have a database with lawyers, accountants, researchers, news reporters, a nurse, at least 4 graphic designers, volunteers for letterbox drops, speakers, counsellors, people who have donated access to equipment, their commercial premises etc. Yes, this is just in one month. And it was Xmas break. This Ant looks up at the sky and says, “Wow, what is possible in 6 months….or one year?”

For me, the Molyneux/Southern debacle and the attack on free speech was the first time I REALLY saw red. As it happened I saw them in Melbourne, and had hoped to go here as well. In Oz there were hundreds of police out that night, a secret location, horseback cavalry, dogs…you name it. I saw buses being rocked and purple haired SJWs screaming like lunatics…

And of course then there was also Tommy Robinson. I became an avid follower of his journey. I also read The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray” (a must read) and followed Molyneux, Turley, Rebel Media, Katie Hopkins, Martin Sellner and all the other countless warriors in Europe and the States.

I read voraciously about Islam and what this ideology means for the West, for Christians and for the Jewish people. My grandad fought in WWI in the middle east, against the Ottoman invasion. The Great Replacement (by stealth) is STILL an invasion and it is war….though it is happening by stealth rather than the sword.

My guess, our New Zealand ant colony has until the next election to turn this around. After that, I suspect we will see UN ships and planes as a regular occurrence in our ports and airports and Islam will take hold to the point where what you have seen in Europe will happen here.

This lil ant shouts NO to Sharia Law and YES to controlled immigration. We need people who will respect our Judeo Christian heritage and laws.? Islam is not compatible with this.?

So yes, you could say, after 2018 and the waves of attack on free speech (there was the Massey University affair as well)…something inside me said “Enough now.”
So I threw my hat in the ring 110% and I ask you now to do the same.

Eighteen months of your life – what can you do to help? Your skills? Do you have a boat? We may need a flotilla one day. Just imagine, if a UN ship came into New Zealand waters and we sent out 100 boats to block the harbour.

If we have that database now we can rally in the time it takes to send a text and pull anchor. Have banners ready, flares…we can show them all! Take heart, get involved. Email?[email protected]?and tell this lil ant what you can do to help the cause. The Trojan Horse is at our gates.

If you don’t change something, nothing will ever change.

Concerned Ant.