An open letter to Jacinda & Labour

Dear Princess Jacinda and Labour

Keep your grubby grasping communist hands off my money!

I am a single fifty-something man with no children. This means that I have NEVER received anything from various government handouts over the years, including Working for Families and the like. Every year, people like me are forgotten and just expected to sit down, shut up and let the government vacuum our wallets for taxes. Well, no longer will I stay silent over your government’s rapacious behaviour. I will do all that I can to ensure that you don’t get back into government in 2020.

A sensible government would make cutting down on wasteful spending its top priority. There are BILLIONS to be saved in local government spending alone, starting with the monstrosity that is the Auckland City Council. But oh no – as usual, your first (and only) way to get more money is to dig deeper and deeper into our wallets.

You have destroyed charter schools. You have destroyed Taranaki’s oil industry. You want to let thousands more immigrants flood into this country who follow an ideology that is hostile to our own culture and values. This is nihilism, Labour-style.

Thanks for NOTHING and get lost.