An update on Cam’s health

Ongoing medical tests following Cam?s stroke have shown that he remains severely incapacitated and consequently is unable to work. His rehabilitation continues to make slow progress; but it is all-consuming and extremely tiring.

The medical advice is that, for Cam to recover, he needs to completely remove all forms of stress from his life, to lower his blood pressure and to concentrate on rehabilitation. He has faced a difficult choice about the future. The prospect of on-going ill health and potential further strokes means the advice of his medical team, lawyer, accountant, family members and those who, due to his incapacity, would have been appointed his guardians ad litem, is for him to completely withdraw from any activity other than rehabilitation.

This has led Cam to make the very difficult decision to declare bankruptcy, since he is unable to generate enough passive revenue to fund the three extremely expensive and in his opinion, vexatious, defamation actions against him.

Despite requests for delays to the pending action, the litigants have refused, claiming that his health status is not as bad as claimed. This is simply not true; Cam is unable to concentrate for more than 10 minutes at a time and he is having severe short-term memory issues.

Cam would like to thank everyone who donated money towards his legal fees and the many, many friends, readers and supporters who have contacted him with their best wishes. He encourages all of them to continue to read the Whaleoil blog and to continue to support vitally important issues like free speech, holding idiot politicians to account and continuing the fight against stupid regulation and wasteful government spending.

Whaleoil will continue to function as it has since late October, with the management and editorial team growing further. Contrary to many naysayers’ opinions, the Whaleoil site is continuing to grow and expand. This is very similar to the way Breitbart survived its founder Andrew Breitbart?s death. Whaleoil has become very much bigger than just Cam. Unlike Breitbart, when and if Cam?s health allows, he will return to the site, subject entirely to his medical team’s clearance. This will not be soon, due to the extended recovery period mandated by Cam?s medical team.

Cam will not be available for media comment and nor will his family. Requests for interviews from the media, their craven bosses and their journalists will not be entertained.

We will keep you updated on Cam’s progress via the Whaleoil website but, for now, he needs a long break to facilitate his return to good health.