Another step on the left’s child-grooming agenda

Caption: We should always trust the children.

The Greens are cheer-squadders for skin-crawling Queer Theory indoctrination programs like ?Safe Schools? and ?Mates & Dates?. Victoria?s socialist Labor government wants the state to supply birth control to pre-teen girls, without their parents? knowledge or consent. Greens MPs even enthusiastically support schools teaching little girls how to send sexy selfies.

It?s almost like there?s an agenda for the left.

Now, there?s this. Quote:

Parents now need to ask their kids for permission to see their medical records once the child turns 14, in rushed changes to My Health Record implemented since Monday. End of quote.

My Health Record is the contentious federal government program to consolidate Australians? health records ? from GPs? notes to prescriptions and hospital records ? in a single, government-run database. There are strong concerns about its security, and individuals? privacy. But the fact remains that, whether the left likes it or not, parents are their children’s guardians. They have every right to be informed about their medical issues. Quote:

Outraged parents have been shocked to discover their conversation with their family doctor about medical issues for their children now require the young teenager’s consent to discuss.

The Conservative Party has slammed the attack on parental rights and is alerting parents to (a) reverse the situation by ‘getting consent’ with My Health Record, but also (b) reverse the situation in the Senate.

The changes were snuck into the Senate by Senator Di Natale of the Greens and passed with Labor support – and waved through by the Coalition government in the House of Representatives – without a peep about parental rights.

The My Health Record website states:

“Under new My Health Record privacy laws, when a child turns 14, their authorised representatives, usually their parent/s or guardian/s, will automatically be removed from being able to access their child?s record.” End of quote.

There is a legitimate argument that teenagers at the age of sexual consent should be able to keep related aspects of their medical records private. But 14 year olds are not at that age. And who doesn?t think that, once legislated, activists will surreptitiously force the age that medical records are concealed from parents even lower? Quote:

“This is what happens when the Greens and their radical siblings in the Labor Party are left to roam unchecked in the Senate,” father and Conservative Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said, “Without more Conservative senators who respect parental rights, parents are shut out of knowing what’s happening to their own children.”

“At its heart the Greens have yet again sought to build a voting constituency with experimental politics. This is part of their push to use young people indoctrinated by a left-leaning education system to vote Green from the age of 16.” End of quote.


From the Hitler Youth to the Red Guards, radical, left-wing revolutionaries have always sought to get their hooks into impressionable young minds as early and as comprehensively as possible.