Arrogant elitists to rule on letting rapey refos into Australia

Caption: Lock up your nurses ? these “sick and tortured” “refugees” will be coming to Australia soon, brought to you by Kerryn Phelps.

Australian GetUp plant ‘independent’ Federal MP Kerryn Phelps, the multi-millionaire doctor to the harbourside mansion set, is using her disproportionate leverage to push through undemocratic legislation that will allow just two doctors to override the government and allow barred asylum seekers entry to Australia. She knows perfectly well that, once these unwanted country-shopping economic refugees set foot on Australian soil, it will be practically impossible to dislodge them again.

So, is Phelps ready to take responsibility for the consequences of her virtue-signalling? Quote:

An Afghan asylum seeker will face a Sydney court this week after allegedly assaulting two nurses at Royal North Shore Hospital when he was transferred from Nauru for medical treatment last month.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the details of the case as federal parliament prepares for a showdown this week over a Labor-backed push to make it easier for asylum seekers to get medical treatment in Australia.

The 38-year-old man, who arrived in Australia via Christmas Island in 2013 during an influx of asylum seekers under Kevin Rudd, has been charged over allegedly grabbing two nurses on the buttocks as he underwent treatment.

He is also alleged to have threatened the nurses when he learned of their complaint. End of quote.

Overseas statistics show that Afghans, along with Iraqis, are particularly grossly overrepresented in the spiralling rape crisis that is engulfing Europe in the wake of mass Islamic immigration. In Australia, there have been several high-profile incidences of rape and child adbuction involving Afghan men who came here as ‘refugees’. The sex offenders blame their crimes on ?cultural differences?: ?A refugee who raped a ten-year-old boy has claimed he did not know sexually assaulting the child was wrong as it was ?culturally acceptable? in his homeland?. An ?Afghan-born 17-year-old?spent two hours grabbing women, aged between 15 and 24 years?.

Is Kerryn Phelps prepared to accept the consequences of her arrogant determination to override Australia?s democratic norms in order to pander to the prejudices of her ultra-rich cronies? Of course not ? these people live in multi-million-dollar harbourside mansions, in suburbs which have refused to accept a single refugee. Quote:

The case will serve as a lightning rod when parliament resumes this week, after the government tries to stop Wentworth MP Dr Kerryn Phelps from getting her medivac bill through the lower house.

Pressure is mounting on Bill Shorten to reconsider his support for the bill ahead of a security briefing today.

Opposition immigration spokesman Shayne Neumann signalled on Sunday that Labor wanted the bill to give the minister the final say over transfers.

The bill as it stands would allow asylum seekers transferred to Australia on the advice to two doctors ? a move which government legal advice has warned would severely undermine the nation?s borders.

The Daily Telegraph first revealed last year that the government had advice the plan would make it easier for asylum seekers of questionable character or criminal backgrounds to get into the country. End of quote.


Shorten knows that it would be a significant win for the government if he caves on this. Australians well remember what happened when Labor last weakened our border laws. But Shifty is also as weak as water, and will struggle to find the guts to stand up to the far-left loonies in his own parties, let alone the mega-rich globalists he bankrolled into parliament.