Arrogant Labor gives the finger to oldies

Caption: Tell someone who cares, grandma.

It has not been a good week for Labor. The first opinion polls for the new year showed an unexpected bounce in the Coalition?s fortunes, then two of the party?s most senior MPs spectactularly wrong-footed themselves.

While the opinion polling merely shifts the Coalition?s fortunes from ?wipeout? to ?honourable loss?, it also ominously hints that Labor?s lead is built on shaky ground. Indeed, so far Labor?s best strategy has been to keep quiet and let the Coalition do itself in. They kind of forgot that. First, Bill Shorten posed for an awkwardly-staged photo-op that got pilloried on social media. Then, shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen gave the metaphorical finger to a key voting bloc. Quote:

Chris Bowen has told self-funded retirees upset with Labor?s $55.7 billion franking credit crackdown to ?vote against us?, as new data reveals more than 50,000 voters across the nation?s 10 most marginal seats stand to lose up to $2700 a year on average under the opposition tax grab.

The Prime Minister leapt on [the] comments??This is the arrogance. They so think they are going to win the next election. They so think it that they just don?t care,? Mr Morrison told 2GB radio.

More than 50,000 voters across the nation?s 10 most marginal seats stand to lose up to $2700 a year under Labor?s policy?National Seniors Australia and the Self-Managed Super Fund Association yesterday hit back at Labor, warning that many people would simply restructure their ?affairs and go on to the pension. End of quote.

Franking credits are a rebate, based on tax already paid by companies, designed to stop the government double-dipping on the dividends paid to shareholders. This policy will disproportionately affect self-funded retirees. But it will also bite working Australians, by increasing pressure on the already-overburdened pensions system. Quote:

On the Opposition Leader?s negative gearing reforms, Mr Morrison claimed the policy would ?take 30 per cent of buyers out of the housing market? and lead to a ?price collapse?.

?And if you get a shock to the housing market like this, then that will affect the economy because of consumer confidence. That?s when it runs onto jobs,? Mr Morrison said. End of quote.

In 2010, Julia Gillard allegedly told cabinet colleagues ?old people never vote for us?. Labor is just up to its usual class-war tactic of funnelling money to its electoral cronies and calling it ?redistribution?, or worse, ?fairness?. Quote:

Drawing battlelines months out from a May election, Bill Shorten?s Treasury spokesman yesterday appeared to pit older Australians against working families after dismissing the grievances of retirees concerned about losing their cash refunds for ?excess franking dividend credits.

Josh Frydenberg last night told The Australian ?Labor?s not listening; Labor doesn?t care?, and ?accused the opposition of ?arrogantly? ignoring the concerns of self-funded retirees.

?Bill Shorten is obsessed with class warfare and pitting one Australian against another for political gain,? the Treasurer said. ?His retiree tax is designed to punish aspiration and those who have taken personal responsibility for their own retirement.? End of quote.

Bowen shot his mouth off because he knows that Labor?s vote among mendicants holding out their hands for free stuff from the gummint is solid. People who?ve worked and saved are alien to Labor?s socialist worldview, so they can take a hike.While Labor is unlikely to lose seats on the back of the policy, senior party sources have admitted it could have an impact in seats it is targeting to take from the Coalition.

But Labor may be taking more of a risk than it realises, by openly telling oldies to get stuffed. The 60-plus voting bloc dwarfs the 18-30s by nearly two-to-one. And for a party that endlessly bangs on about ?gender inequality?, guess who Labor?s policy will hurt the most? Quote:

ATO data for 2015-16 shows?that the demographic group that most benefits from [franking credits] are older ?females. End of quote.

Hard luck, Gran: if you wanted anything from Labor, you should have just sat on your arse on the dole for 65 years.