Auckland Peace Action are attempting to rewrite history.

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Auckland Peace Action are attempting to rewrite history rather than take responsibility and apologise for their disgusting past actions in both Wellington and Auckland. quote.

Auckland Peace Action is issuing a statement to publicly correct the record about a protest action that occurred in Wellington in 2018.
This action occurred at the screening of the film Ben Gurion at the Doc Edge Film Festival. Both Auckland Peace Action and our sister organisation Peace Action Wellington opposed the showing of this film

[…] At both Wellington and Auckland […] the screenings were disrupted by activists with noisemakers and alarms. Subsequently, the Doc Edge director alleged that there was a fake bomb at the Wellington screening, and this was reported by Newhub. This was a complete lie.

[…] We unequivocally reject tactics that instill the fear in people. We did not on this occasion, and will never, engage in actions that cause fear or harm to people.

An APA activist was interviewed on Newshub on Thursday, 13 February 2019 and asked about this action. She was […] unaware of the details. She simply accepted as fact the statements put to her by the interviewer.

end quote

The press release is trying to use semantics to explain away their actions. If a ‘noisemaker’ looks like a bomb, is placed in close proximity to elderly Jewish filmgoers and frightens them because they are scared that it might be an actual bomb then, ergo, it is a fake bomb.

Protestors chained a beeping black box to a seat in an attempt to disrupt the screening of Ben-Gurion Photo: Supplied

Their tactics did instil fear in the filmgoers. The above beeping black box chained to a seat to disrupt the screening could indeed be an actual bomb. In a dark theatre, I can only imagine the fear the audience would have felt.

Auckland Peace Action deliberately targeted a mainly Jewish audience knowing full well that Jews have been targeted for terror attacks all over the world and would be more likely than non-Jews to be scared of a beeping black box. Their actions were despicable and they should be apologising not making pathetic excuses.

One of our volunteers told me that he was in attendance at the Auckland screening where loud and smoky stink-bombs were also set off. He can attest to the fact that many of the rather elderly in the audience, sitting right in front of him, were visibly distressed and shaken when it all erupted 15 mins into the film. quote.

Harassing elderly Jews at all, but particularly in my presence, was a step too far [...] Standing outside waving flags and handing out leaflets is one thing, but they caused real distress, and it won’t be forgotten.