Audrey Young was both right & wrong

National MP Paul Goldsmith

In a newspaper Audrey Young wrote that a strong performance by National MPs Paul Goldsmith and Judith Collins forced Jacinda Ardern onto the defensive.

Goldsmith is one of Bridges’ strongest performing front benchers for those who follow politics closely. He gets under Jones’ skin.
[…] Goldsmith has run such a strong campaign against the fund that a senior MBIE official this week entered the political debate to defend his minister’s fund – with the Rachel Hunter defence.
“Job creation does not happen overnight,” the official said in a statement responding to a Goldsmith press statement saying only 54 jobs had been created from the fund so far.

[…] Goldsmith and Judith Collins in housing may deserve to have been singled out at National’s first caucus this week for having exposed areas of weak delivery for the Government.

National MP Judith Collins

Their work and the Government’s failings have allowed Bridges to finesse a theme he began last year on the need to be prepared, to have a plan, or at least the need to have a plan that works.

[…] They have put Jacinda Ardern in defensive mode at the start of the year, feeling the need to declare 2019 the year of delivery, and reminding her own party of what Savage had said – not to expect perfection but to be satisfied with an improvement on the status quo.

Audrey Young was both right and wrong. She was right that Paul Goldsmith and Judith Collins deserve credit but she was wrong that they were given any.

At caucus it was the Simon and Paula show with lots of giggles and interruptions and certainly no strategy or direction. The leadership team will be hoping that the first poll of the year has a higher enough number to keep them in their jobs.