Australian doctor says Jews in Auschwitz were better off than asylum seekers. Seriously

Caption: Spot the difference, if you can.

There are times when people in the public eye say something so mind-bogglingly, offensively stupid that you have to wonder whether they were belted in the back of the head with a two-by-four just before they faced the media. This transient idiocy seems to especially afflict people who, just because they are accomplished in one field, somehow imagine themselves as all-purpose sages perfectly entitled to elbow their way to the front of public debate.

In a stunning outburst of utter cluelessness, an official from the doctor?s union thought it was a clever idea to not only compare luxurious offshore detention centres to Nazi concentration camps, but to actually argue that the victims of Nazi brutality were better off.

Yes. He seriously said that. Quote:

The paediatric representative from Australia?s peak medical body has suggested asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru are in a worse situation than Jews in Auschwitz because people who knew they were going to be gassed by the Nazis ?found some sense of relief in knowing what was happening?. End of quote.

It takes a heaping dose of arrogant ignorance to imagine hundreds of shivering, naked Jews being herded into the chambers, reassuring each other, ?Well, this is a relief?. Quote:

Paul Bauert of the Australian Medical Association was among dozens of doctors who came to Parliament House in Canberra today to push Bill Shorten and his Labor team to stand firm in support of the Kerryn Phelps-inspired bill.

Mr Bauert said the mental health of detainees in Manus and Nauru had deteriorated because there was no certainty about their future.

?The main reason for the impairment of mental health ? as Viktor Frankl the psychiatrist from Auschwitz described very well in his book Man?s Search for Meaning ? the main problem that these people have is a lack of meaning, a lack of any end to what is going on, a lack of certainty,? Dr Bauert told Sky News. ??Even those who finally knew they were about to be condemned to the gas chamber at least found some sense of relief in knowing what was happening.? End of quote.


Words fail me.

But they certainly didn?t fail leading Australian Jewish organisations, who ripped the moronic medico a new one, pointing out that not only was his caricature disgusting and completely misrepresented Frankl?s work, but also was grossly historically ignorant. Quote:

The co-CEO of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Peter Wertheim, told JTA that ?to compare victims of genocide to asylum seekers is a gross exaggeration, and displays a callous disregard of both the facts of history and the still-raw memories and feelings of Holocaust survivors.?

Wertheim said that most going to the gas chambers only knew what they had been told ? that they were going for showers or delousing.

?They were kept in a carefully planned state of illusion, uncertainty, disorientation and terror right up to the time the sealed doors closed them in to the gas chamber and the hydrogen cyanide Zyklon B pellets were poured through the vents,? he said. End of quote.