Australian lawyers beat the rush by lining up for dhimmi status now

Caption: A high-profile Australian lawyer arriving at the Auburn mosque.

Last week, an Australian Supreme Court justice issued a unequivocal call for Australia?s supposedly ‘moderate’ Muslims to reject the violent injunctions of their scriptures. Of course, prominent Australian Muslims enthusiastically backed the judge?s call and unequivocally rejected their religion?s violent tenets.

Oh, wait ? of course they didn?t. They ducked and dodged, farting out misleading fluff about ?violent interpretations?, rather than addressing the judge?s actual words: the direct and indisputable exhortations to violence in the Koran itself.

But, if the taqiyya-spouting imams are bad enough, it?s worse when non-Islamic apologists fall over themselves in the rush to be dhimmis. Quote:

The peak body for the legal profession in Australia has called for better ?communication and understanding of the Islamic faith? by lawyers and judges, days after a NSW Supreme Court judge courted controversy by urging Muslims to publicly disavow violence in the Koran.

?Better understanding of the Islamic faith?? That?s exactly what Mohammedans don?t want. End of quote.

Aside from its brutality and longevity ? Muslim states had to be forced by European colonisers to abandon dhimmitude ? dhimmitude was notable for the crippling second-class status it enforced on its subjects. As revered Muslim scholar Ibn Kathir explained, ?these conditions ensured their [dhimmis] continued humiliation, degradation and disgrace?. Chief among these humiliating conditions was that dhimmis were forbidden from learning about, teaching or critiquing Islam.

The better non-Muslims understand Islam, the better they are armed against it. Quote:

The terrorists know they have the scriptures on their side. End of quote.

The ‘moderates’ don?t want the infidels to know that. They want to keep their idiots as ignorantly useful as possible. So it is that the wannabe-dhimmi elites eagerly line up to fawn on their new masters. Quote:

On Thursday evening, high-profile members of the legal profession and the judiciary, including NSW Supreme Court and Federal Court judges, attended an Islamic Service to mark the opening of the 2019 Law Term at the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque in Sydney.

The president of the Law Council of Australia, Arthur Moses, SC, said the Islamic Service was ?a significant occasion for both the legal profession and the community? and it was ?important that there is communication and understanding of the Islamic faith in Australia?s legal profession and the judicial process?.

?Without referring to or passing comment on any recent case, I make the observation that we must ensure that the criminal actions of a few are not used to unfairly judge, discriminate against or condemn a whole community and religion and that those who break our laws are the ones that pay the price and bear the punishment ? not others wrongly implicated by association. Ultimately, we are one community,? he said. End of quote.

Arthur Moses should consider that you can?t ‘coexist’ with people whose holy book directly exhorts its followers to kill Jews. A religion whose rallying-cry is “Remember Khaybar!” ? the massacre of Jews by its prophet, whose conduct is the model for all Muslims. It was just last year that Sydney?s Jewish community was refused permission for a new synagogue on the explicit grounds that it would be a target for Islamic violence. Quote:

What a disgraceful, cringeworthy statement to placate the belligerent Mohammedans! Arthur Moses should hang his head in shame. None of his colleagues should ever give him the light of day again. End of quote.