Be careful what you wish for

Bay of Plenty Times Photograph by George Novak

It is fair to say that there are a lot of vocal Winston Peters haters on this site. We see it in the comment sections and at least a couple of our writers if not more share many of our readers’ loathing for the man and want to see him and NZ First completely destroyed.

I personally voted for ACT at the last election so I have no dog in this fight but I do believe that people should not throw the baby out with the bathwater if they want to see the National party back in government.

National currently has no friends and unless you believe that they can achieve what a John Key led National party could not and govern without coalition partners, then they are going to need at least one good coalition partner.

I recently listened to a non-PC joke and I think that it is relevant to this political situation. It goes like this…

One day a little boy comes home from school and says to his Dad.

“Dad I need to know the meaning of the words hypothetically and realistically for school.”

So the father replies, ” Go upstairs and ask your mother if she would sleep with a man for a million dollars.” The little boy goes and asks and sure enough, his mother says yes. The Dad says okay now go and ask your sister if she would sleep with a man for a million dollars. So he does and of course, she says yes. So the father says,

” you see son, hypothetically we are sitting on two million dollars but realistically we are just living with a couple of whores.

National’s political situation is that hypothetically it could get enough party votes to govern alone or the ACT party’s fortunes could massively change and/or the New Conservative party could get over the 5% threshold and/or win a seat BUT realistically, doing a deal with Winston before the election is the strategy most likely to get National back into government.