Cause of global warming finally proven

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At last, the real reason for global warming has been found. Rigorous statistical analysis of the temperature rises and temperature trends per year since 1888 have been studied and graphed and the results are crystal clear. At last, the science is actually really and truly settled.

So, what do the results say? What causes global warming? Democrat Presidents. The longer Trump stays in office, the cooler the planet. Quote.

I was looking at the global temperature record and noticed an odd correlation the other day. Basically, I calculated the temperature trend for each presidency and multiplied by the number of years to get a ?total temperature change?. If there was more than one president for a given year it was counted for both. I didn?t play around with different statistics to measure the amount of change, including/excluding the ?split? years, etc. Maybe other ways of looking at it yield different results, this is just the first thing I did.

It turned out all 8 administrations who oversaw a cooling trend were Republican. There has never been a Democrat president who oversaw a cooling global temperature. Also, the top 6 warming presidencies were all Democrats.

I have no idea what it means but thought it may be of interest.

I expect to hear it dismissed as a ?spurious correlation?, but usually I hear that argument used for correlations that people ?don?t like? (it sounds strange/ridiculous) and it is never really explained further. It seems to me if you want to make a valid argument that a correlation is ?spurious? you still need to identify the unknown third factor though. End quote.


I would go into the intricate details of the maths but there may be females reading and I do not want to be called a sexist mansplainer.