China’s Social Credit system in action: 17.5 million air tickets denied

200 million cameras tracking their every move

We have seen a little bit about China’s massively intrusive Social Credit system here on Whaleoil. This is the system put in place by the Communist Chinese government to control its citizens, which can only be described as frighteningly Orwellin. In case you missed them, you can catch up on the programme with this article and this video.

The scheme is apparently only a ‘trial’, but I’ve got to say, it’s a bloody big one! Quote.

The Chinese government blocked 17.5 million would-be plane passengers from buying tickets last year as a punishment for offences including the failure to pay fines, it emerged.
Some 5.5 million people were also barred from travelling by train under a controversial ?social credit? system which the ruling Communist Party claims will improve public behaviour.

  The Independent end quote.

Other offences that might lead to your score being downgraded include such things as failing to use a lead when walking your dog, buying frivolous things, or looking at your phone for too long in public along with greater sins such as making a negative comment about the government or being the wrong race.

Each citizen is given a score out of 800. Those with a good score will have their way through life nicely smoothed out, and those with a low rating will be ostracized or simply punished.

The good thing is for us here at Whaleoil, we will be very easy to rate. Since we lose points for calling out hypocrisy, delusional behaviour, unintelligence and other very clear factors associated with our minority government, I’m pretty sure all our cards will look like this:

So how do they do all this surveillance? Well for starters there’s the 200 million cctv cameras installed around the country which is set to triple by 2020. Think about that for a bit. That’s 600 million cameras, watching their 1.4 billion people or one camera for every two faces!

The other big ways are via apps that the citizens have on their phones where they can dob people in when they find out that a friend of a friend said something bad. I presume dobbing people in is seen as a positive and a good way to get your own score up, or it’s part of the constantly developing smart phone technology.

They can literally track and map the whereabouts of millions of citizens at any given time using facial recognition systems linked to the surveillance cameras. This was highlighted recently when a Chinese database of 6.7 million co-ordinates that had been logged over only 24 hours was found unprotected on the net.

Of course, we have nothing to worry about in here New Zealand. There’s no way our government would ever do anything to let the Chinese sneakily introduce any surveillance measures such as letting Huawei systems be included in our upcoming 5G network for example.