Cindy cools on refos: Maybe she’s listening to Australia after all

Caption: Eww, OK…maybe not those refugees…

In true leftist fashion, Jacinda Ardern has been furiously virtue-signalling on refugees from the moment she fell into the prime ministership. Unlike most lefties though, she seems to have suddenly taken a dose of reality salts, and is quietly back-pedalling. Quote:

New Zealand officials have told Australia they are no longer keen to accept asylum seekers from Manus Island despite Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern?s previous offer to accept detainees from Australian offshore detention, government sources say. End of quote.

Despite her previous enthusiasm, Ardern?s lefty-boner for refugees seems to be going a bit limp. Note the careful new language seeping in. Quote:

The Courier Mail reports that senior New Zealand departmental officials told Australian officials under the previous Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that New Zealand was not open to resettling single asylum seeker men on Manus Island.

This is despite Ms Ardern previously saying her country would be happy to take refugees from Manus Island and Nauru. End of quote.


So, what?s behind the sudden change of heart? Why especially ?single asylum seeker men on Manus Island?? Could it be this? Quote:

Since the ?Department of Home Affairs began detailed screenings last week in response to the passage of the Medivac bill, more than 60 refugees and asylum-seekers on Nauru and Manus Island have failed ?character assessments because of cases including violent crimes and links to terrorism planning. End of quote.

For poor, suffering refugees ?detained? in ?concentration camps?, they sure are cashed-up. Quote:

In one case that authorities have described as extraordinary, a 34-year-old man and an ?accomplice who had come by boat in 2013 had been secretly channelling funds of more than $1 million from Nauru to communities in Australia?Other cases included suspicion of planning terrorist attacks, allegations of drug smuggling, rape, assaults and links to foreign ?military or rebel groups. End of quote.

These assessments weren?t carried out before, because there was no prospect of these scum coming to Australia. They?re being rushed now, because of the insane grand-standing by a multi-millionaire, harbourside-mansion GP and a clique of her fellow lefty biddies. Quote:

The Australian has confirmed that preliminary detailed character assessments of the 1000 transitory people still on the islands began when the medivac bill was passed last week by Labor, the Greens and the crossbench led by Kerryn Phelps despite protests by the government that it would dismantle offshore processing?The government argues that the medivac laws have narrowed the definition of section 501 and would allow people who would otherwise be refused entry on character grounds to be brought to Australia on the say-so of ?doctors. End of quote.

Cindy is another of what George Orwell derided as ?that whole, dreary tribe of ?high-minded? women? who cluck about socialism and ?compassion?. Only now she seems to be opening her eyes just the tiniest bit. It?s all very well to scheme for photo ops with strategically-picked brown children and smiling hijabis, but there are some truly vicious spiders lurking under the rocks on Manus and Nauru. Quote:

A series of cases released by the government include several related to sexual assaults of ?minors, alleged murder, extremist behaviour and terrorist planning.

They include people found to be refugees. End of quote.


So much for the ?but they?re genuine refugees!? argument. Some of them might be refugees ? that doesn?t mean that they?re people you?d want in your country.