Clammy hand of Ford lifted from Fairfax

Caption: Security attempt to remove Clementine Ford from the Fairfax building.

Clementine Ford is the Mrs Rochester of the Australian media: a shrieking, violent madwoman running mad in the attack, screeching obscenities and setting everything on fire. Clammy is also, like Mrs Rochester, revered by modern feminists despite her malevolent dementia.

While Fairfax was a failing, left-run legacy media collective, she had more-or-less free run of the attic. Once the former newspaper was bought out by a hard-headed business, though, the feminist fishwife?s days were numbered. Quote:

Nine Entertainment has claimed its first scalp since taking over the Fairfax Media stable, sacking its most incendiary columnist, self-styled feminist warrior Clementine Ford, after she called Scott Morrison a ?f..king disgrace?. End of quote.

Coming from her, that?s almost a term of endearment. Quote:

Ford?s over-the-top vitriol has long been a cause of major heartache for her former Fairfax bosses, but her ?third-wave feminist? man-hating rants clearly have no place under the new Nine management.

Ford went into free fall on Twitter, turning to her legions of followers on Wednesday night to announce her ?resignation? after management had the temerity to cite her with a caution for abusing the Prime Minister. End of quote.

She?s all class, though, is Clementine: Quote:

The rant continued in full Ford-bile mode as she went on to declare her new employer ?dead? to her.

?Anyway, bye Fairf..ked!? Ford wrote in another tweet before going on to explain she had reached a point where a ?shitty salary with the shitty work conditions? wasn?t enough to justify her continued employment at the company, which publishes The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Despite some stiff ?we thank her for her work? niceties in a statement yesterday from Nine?s Sydney Morning Herald, the former Fairfax masthead was clearly relieved to see the back of Ford after seven years of increasingly hate-fuelled rants.

Nine insiders told The Aust?ralian Ford had been on notice for some time and management would not continue to tolerate her abuse and often breath?takingly aggressive delivery.

?She?s done herself no favours,? one senior source said. End of quote.

The Fairfax Fishwife also managed the impressive achievement of sparking a walkout by an audience of high-school girls roped in to endure her demented rants. Quote:

Ford has always courted controversy with her ?men are all rapists? mantra but in the past year she has become increasingly persona non grata ? even with her own tribe.

After she was invited to give a keynote speech for a Lifeline fundraising event last year, 14,000 people signed a petition demanding she be removed.

The outrage was sparked after Ford tweeted ?All men must die? and ?I bathe in male tears? ? decidedly off-message for the suicide prevention group?s ?Recognise, Respond, Refer? event in Melbourne. End of quote.


But, just to prove that the left collective looks after its own, no matter how devoid of talent, civility or possibly sanity: Quote:

The taxpayer-funded ABC looks after its own – with your money. It offers work to Clementine Ford, after she left Nine newspapers in fury at being asked to temper her foul tongue. End of quote.


Our taxes at work.