Commenting just got better

You wanted it and now you have got it.

Text formatting options was one of the most requested updates by commenters using Disqus.

They have now provided an update which makes formatting options more visible and accessible to users and easier to use with simple one-click options.

Source; Disqus

As you can see in the example above, when you select a formatting option, Disqus appends the correct HTML tags to the highlighted text (the formatting will not be applied in the comment box). Then, once you post the comment, the chosen formatting will appear in your comment with the thread.

Formatting options include, bolditalic, underline, strikethrough, anchor link, spoiler tag (a fan favorite), syntax highlighting for coding languages, and quotes.


What do you think? Test out the new and improved formatting options below. This post is just for fun to allow you all to explore all the new options.