Crybaby of the week

Why oh why do people insist on making laughing stocks of themselves on social media and then run to the dead-tree media. Is a few fleeting moments in the spotlight worth the humiliation that will inevitably result? Quote.

A secondary school student who had to shave off his beard or be sent to the principal’s office believes his human rights have been breached.

But his school principal says the rules are clear and are agreed to by students and their families before enrolment.

Brody Hide, 17, plans to grow back the offending facial hair that teachers at Te Puke High School told him to shave off this week.

The Year 13 student grew the beard over summer and said the three-month growth boosted his confidence.

But after just two days back at school he had been repeatedly warned by teachers to cut the beard off. As soon as he obeyed he regretted it.

Without the beard Hide, who posted about his frustration on Snapchat on Tuesday night, said he felt like a 15-year-old “kid”. End quote.

Well, feeling like a 15-year-old is an advance on the age you are currently acting, which is more like a 2-year-old having a tantrum. Quote.

“I’ve always struggled with how I look. It [the beard] is such a confidence booster. It makes me feel more mature. It makes me seem like I am respected more, especially in my work place.”

Hide works part-time as a waiter/bartender at Jellicoe St Bar and Eatery in Te Puke.

“The customers don’t see me as a child. They see me as someone I want to be seen as, as someone who can express himself, as a man.”

He said it was time draconian school rules changed to reflect a modern youth and the right to individuality.

“What is the point of having a rule against facial hair if it’s not going to stop me from learning, or stop others from learning? It’s not. It’s just a stupid, silly rule to make us all look alike.”

Hide’s mother Lydia Brown said she had watched her youngest child “blossom” over summer as his beard grew.

When I shaved his face for him it was like watching all his self-confidence fall on the floor. End quote.

A 17 year old ‘man’ who has to have his mother shave off his beard … Give me strength! Quote.

“He’s always done well at school. Having that facial hair just gave him such confidence in himself and now of course he’s shaved it off and he’s back at square one, and I just thought it was such an archaic view.”

She likened the rule to “institutionalising” teenagers and said it seemed at odds with the current emphasis on building good mental wellbeing in youth. […] End quote.

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Perhaps Ardern’s wellbeing budget will fix school beards for people who cannot read and understand rules that they sign up for?