Cyst Saturday volunteer required: Apply within

Is Cyst Saturday your favourite part of the week?

Do you love watching pimple popping videos?

If you answered yes to both questions then you just might be who we are looking for.

Our current pus specialist has been e-mailing me these videos for ages now and is ready to hand over the reins to someone new.

Could that someone be you? I need 4 videos a month hand selected by you for the most fascinating and explosive pus-filled viewing. You don’t have to load them you just need to find them and e-mail me the links.

If you are interested contact me sb at

( if pus is not your thing I could also do with…

  • 4 Cat videos a week for Feline Friday
  • 4 religious-themed videos a week for Theological Tuesday
  • 4 Technology themed videos a week for Tech Thursday

I am also still on the hunt for someone to take over where Map Mike left off.

That position ( unlike the above positions) requires you to load 7 maps a week for me onto the blog. Full training will be provided.